First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta in Georgia invites young adults for coffee, donuts

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta in Georgia invited young adults for coffee and donuts. (Photo taken from First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta’s Facebook post)

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta in Georgia invited young adults for coffee and donuts.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Nov. 15, the church said the event will be held on Sundays, Nov. 20 and Dec. 11, at 10 a.m.

They will meet Barry Gaeddert, the new interim pastor for faith formation and young adults, and catch up with other young adults. 

According to the church, they will meet in the bride's room, close to the sanctuary.

It added they may contact Chris Holmes at for additional information and to RSVP.

Additional information can be found in First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta’s Facebook post.

Church’s Designs

A total of 20 windows can be found across four locations, according to the church. In addition, there were four D'Ascenzo windows, seven Tiffany windows, and nine Willet windows.

12 large windows line the chapel's interior. Five windows on either side of the sanctuary's floor, according to the church, make up its ten-window perimeter.

The church claimed that biblical images can be seen on the window surrounding the sanctuary, including scenes from Abraham to the apostles' attempts to spread Christianity after Christ's death and resurrection.

It was allegedly dedicated in its entirety in 1919, according to the church.

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta asserted that the architect suggested numerous large windows "for light and ventilation."

The pastor, Dr. Lyons, developed a plan and some recommendations, according to the church, for installing stained glass windows.

The church claimed that D'Ascenzo constructed the final four windows while Tiffany created the first six.

Church’s Lecture Series

Everyone was invited to the opening lecture of a three-part series on "The Character of the Cross" at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta.

According to the church, the sermon series supposedly began every morning.

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta claimed that the window frames are actually quite complex.

Three windows were set in a "trefoil" or tripartite layout to form the main artwork, according to the church or panes.

The eight tall, thin panes of the trefoil are separate even though they appear to be similar in all ten windows. According to the church, these windows are currently referred to as either the Octet or the Mansions.

The Triplet, composed of three smaller windows, was concealed by the trefoil, according to the church.

The link that connects the Triplet's windows is one of the main features that can be seen in the central window.

On one side of the church, there are larger stained-glass windows that are also lit from the outside. The church claims that the vacant spaces on the opposite side are covered by mosaics.

Meanwhile, the "Greatest Christmas Parade Ever" will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta.

The church of Atlanta announced the parade's date and time in a Facebook post on Monday, Nov. 7. It will on Sunday, Dec. 4., from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Ansley Park.


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