St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate César Franck’s bicentennial this year

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia announced that it will celebrate César Franck’s bicentennial this year. (Photo taken from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s Facebook post)

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia will celebrate César Franck’s bicentennial anniversary. According to the church’s post, it will be held on Friday, Oct. 14, from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

The church made the announcement in a Facebook post.

The event will have Scott Dettra, an American concert organist, who will perform two 75-minute concerts on consecutive nights in which he will perform all 12 of Franck's significant organ compositions from memory.

The French Romantic organ school was established by Franck, whose organ compositions, after Bach's, are undoubtedly the genre's most significant additions, the church said.

It was said that this music has stood the test of time as a staple of the organ repertory because of the composer's sophisticated harmonic language and capacity for achingly lovely melody writing.

The church said Dettra will deliver this beloved work, which is rarely performed live in its full, with his signature poeticism and elegant sense of expression. 

He has been praised for the clarity, rhythmic intensity, and musical beauty of his performance, it added.

The public was advised to visit St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s Facebook post for additional details.

Baptism, Confirmation

According to the church, confirmation and baptism are prerequisites for membership. There are five baptisms available each year, according to the church.

The church stated that confirmation occurs once a year and is attended by our bishop.

An Inquirer's Class is available each year for people interested in learning more about the church and membership from January until the beginning of spring, it noted.

Those who are interested in participating are strongly urged to attend this session. They can also speak with the rector or any of the associate priests to discuss joining and other issues in further detail.

Social Justice

According to the church, St. Luke's is committed to serving as a pioneer in social justice and outreach in downtown Atlanta and beyond.

It claimed to be well-known for motivating members to carry out their baptismal vows by taking part in a variety of outreach initiatives.

The church said parishioner Anne Lane and her companion Rebecca Frazer established the Atlanta Cerebral Palsy School at the parish home in 1949.

According to the church, it is currently named as The Frazer Center and is located on Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Cator Woolford Gardens.

An organization that started as a soup kitchen in 1973 has grown to include daily meals, a career aid program, health referral services, and a mailroom. It stated that it is currently known as Crossroads Community Ministries and is located on its grounds.

The church added St. Luke's life was characterized by vision, rejuvenation, and service.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church was established in the 19th century to provide a secure haven for those escaping the atrocities of war.

While other churches relocated to the suburbs nearly a century later, the "little refugee church" consciously chose to remain in downtown Atlanta, according to the church.

The church said that these two "births" were responsible for the communities that still meet for worship and service in Atlanta today.


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