Clifton United Methodist Church to host worship, service to show church's programs

Clifton United Methodist Church will serve the community at Church Beyond The Walls event on Sunday, Oct. 9. (Photo taken from Clifton United Methodist Church’s Facebook page)

Clifton United Methodist Church announced they would have their Sunday morning service outside the church on Sunday, Oct. 9.

The church’s Facebook page noted that members could participate in their projects after the gathering. It thanked its congregation for extending God’s grace and love in a realistic way.

They added that they do the church outside the walls event twice a year. 

They reminded the congregation to bring items to the church anytime on or before the event. They added that they could bring hotel toiletries, $5 gift cards from Starbucks, and things to fill 24 bags for college care kits. 

The website said that they could include boxes of prepacked snacks.

Behind Walls Activities

The same post noted that Amy Waldfogle would lead Hymn Sing on the corner of Clifton and Ludlow. Then some members could join the “Wear Your Swag Table.” The page said that Samantha Searls would be leading this activity. 

Moreover, Clifton United Methodist Church members would advocate the table for Criminal Justice Reform of criminal record “expungement” in Ohio, as posted on the website. 

Besides, they announced that Pastor David would lead the congregation for a mobile devotion with songs and communion. The members would also work on cleaning and winterizing the Wesley Garden at the Riddle House, as mentioned.

In addition, some church members would give out gift cards to students on UC Campus. Then they said they would help clean up the campus community around the Wesley House. 

As further posted on their page, some members could also assist Luke and Jenne in gardening the church garden. Afterward, as added on their Facebook page, they could help distribute bread and coffee to individuals asking for help along exit ramps.

Meanwhile, the website stated that the congregation could participate in preparing care packages for college students.

Progressive Faith Community

The church’s website revealed that Clifton United Methodist is willing to accept every child of God. They added that they are a community of believers dedicated and passionate about working on social justice or caring for the vulnerable members of society. 

Moreover, they noted that they value the commandment of Jesus to “love one another.” It focused its mission on compassion and tolerance, as further explained. They desire to continue to deal with societal issues of poverty, discrimination, and more.

In addition, they noted that they respect others’ opinions and embrace diversity at Clifton United Methodist Church. They emphasized that they honor other people’s beliefs and faith. They stressed that as one in Christ, God brought them together to influence the world.

The church encouraged and hoped that others would be a part of their community, as mentioned on the website.

Heart for Caring

In another section, Clifton United Methodist Church stated they have the heart for caring for their members and their families. As further explained, the church helps them during sickness and loss.

They emphasized that they also share the joy and new birth. The church believes that having care for the congregation is a crucial part of helping each individual to feel they belong in the body of Christ.

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