College Hills Presbyterian Church to prepare students for 'lifetime relationship' with water

College Hill Presbyterian Church features an animated frog for the image of its Swimming Ministry. (Photo taken from the official website of College Hill Presbyterian Church)

College Hills Presbyterian Church (CHPC) opened its Swim Ministry for five-year-olds and older at North Hills Swim Club. Classes are on-going until Aug. 5, Friday, as the first class began on June 27, Monday.

The ministry seeks to prepare the students to have a ‘lifetime relationship’ with water. 

Swim Ministry at College Hills

The CHPC Swim Ministry has been around since 1976, and in that time, it has helped thousands of students develop healthy relationships with water that would last a lifetime.

According to the church's post, students have been prepared for what the American Red Cross refers to as survival swimming and water safety thanks to their efforts. 

In addition to this, they are dedicated to developing healthy and trustworthy connections with swimmers and their families, as well as having fun while instructing.

As per the post, on the first day of class, the youngest student must be at least 5 years old. In addition, the number of students and staff members that are permitted is kept at a minimum. This is done to ensure that there is adequate space for pupils to master new skills. 

Despite this, they are no longer taking applications for registration as their capacity has been reached and a waiting list has been established. The following timetable will be released in 2023.

Scholarship Fund for Swim Ministry

The Swim Ministry at College Hill Presbyterian Church is one of the summer ministries offered there, however it operates completely on its own funding.

According to CHPC, they receive thirty percent of their revenue from grants and scholarship fund donors from people and businesses. Gifts like this that are deductible from taxes make it feasible for kids to take swimming lessons, which in turn helps cut down on the number of kids who drown.

One full scholarship, which entails one youngster learning how to swim, can be obtained for a donation of $70.

About College Hill Presbyterian Church

The purpose of the College Hill Presbyterian Church, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is to glorify God by cultivating a multiethnic community of people who follow Jesus.

Their Nursery is a warm, friendly, and safe environment for infants and toddlers to explore, learn, and develop. This is made possible through their Children and Family Ministry. 

The volunteer staff has had their backgrounds investigated, and they have received training. They are committed to providing the child with a fantastic introduction to the church, and they will take good care of the child while they are there.

According to its website, the children's preschool and kindergarten programs are wonderful settings to lay the spiritual groundwork. 

Together with the parents, the teachers will explain the fundamental tenets of the religion, guide the children through exciting hands-on activities, and lead worship using music that is suited to their age group.

Family Worship at CHPC

The Family Worship Zone at CHPC is a special area in the Sanctuary that has been set aside just for families to gather for worship in an environment that is secure and welcoming to children.

The website also stated children are offered a selection of things to participate in, including Kids' Sermon Notes, novels, story Bibles, puzzles, and other peaceful games and activities. 

CHPC has high hopes that they would have a great time worshiping as a family in this welcoming and "made-just-for-you" space.

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