Covenant First Presbyterian Church partners with Rev. Michael Ludwig, Evangelical Church in Niger

Exterior view of Covenant First Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati. (Photo by Niagara66 on Wikimedia Commons)

Covenant First Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati partnered with Rev. Michael Ludwig and the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger to build a freshwater well for the residents.

Christmas Mission Offering

The annual Christmas Mission Offering is being led this year to assist Rev. Michael Ludwig and the Evangelical Church in Niger (EERN), the partner church of the Presbyterian Church, in their initiative to build one well/one evangelist in the country of Niger.

According to the church’s post, the EERN has prioritized constructing churches in all of Niger's provinces, the vast majority of which are predominantly Muslim. The organization typically begins its work by excavating wells to supply communities with the required water.

After that, an evangelist or pastor is assigned to each well to provide needed water to individuals and families. In this way, the evangelist or pastor can create connections within the community.

The post also stated that the value of a new well ranges from at least $4,000 to as much as $15,000, with the exact amount depending on the location and depth of the well.

Covenant First Presbyterian Church seeks to raise enough money to finance the construction of one well. They will also collect this offering the evening before Christmas and each Sunday during Advent. 

Participants can either use the envelope labeled "Christmas" that is included in their boxed set or mark an existing envelope as "Christmas."

Meanwhile, Rev. Michael Ludwig collaborates with the leaders of the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger (EERN) to implement Community Health Evangelism (CHE) as a ministry that can help their nation, as stated by Highland Presbyterian Church.

They also aim to enhance relationships between Christians and Muslims and provide a welcoming way of sharing the good news about Christ.

About Covenant First Presbyterian Church

The mission of Covenant First Presbyterian Church is to glorify the Father, testify to the significance of the Son, and yield to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

According to the church’s website, they are a covenant community that, based on a commitment to a Bible-based Reformed theology, serves and blesses the downtown community, greater Cincinnati, and the world by living out its mission under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

The biblically based sermons and teaching of Covenant First Presbyterian Church, along with the congregation's strong dedication to stewardship, missionary outreach, and assistance to those in need, have earned the congregation a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

ItsmMembers think that the church is in a better position to carry out the work of God in the years, decades, and centuries to come as a result of its long and illustrious history, which is both rich and diversified.

On the other hand, services are held regularly on Sunday mornings. Traditional choral music, congregational hymns, and sermons based on the Bible were said to characterize the church's worship services.

Children's Church is a special part of the service designed for preschool and elementary school-aged kids.

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