Crossroads Oakley Church to run Christmas gift drive

Crossroads Oakley Church encouraged its members to support its Christmas gift drive. (Photo taken from the official website of Crossroads Oakley Church)

Crossroads Oakley Church will run a Christmas gift drive on Sunday, Dec. 11.

The church’s website announced that the gifts would bring joy and celebration to needy families this holiday season. They added that the event could allow the children to celebrate Christmas with their parents in jail or guardians at home.

Besides, the website emphasized that giving presents could allow parents to serve as heroes this Christmas to their kids.

Crossroads Oakley stressed that gifts have so much value for children.

Christmas Drive Details

For those interested, Crossroads Oakley Church posted how they could participate in the Christmas Drive. They explained they could find the site and check out the shopping list. Then they could buy the gifts online or in a local shop. 

The church informed members to let the gifts be delivered to their area by Sunday, Dec. 11. 

In addition, those who desire to volunteer could serve in a Christmas shop with a partner organization or a local prison, as noted on the website. 

Christmas Experience in Local Prison

Crossroads Church also noted their focus on this year’s Christmas drive on giving a Christmas experience in five local prisons. As further explained on the website, it would allow the children to celebrate this particular season with their parents in jail. 

Moreover, members would be volunteering to help in the event's success, as noted on the website. 

Last Christmas Drive at Crossroads

The Cincinnati Herald news website reported that on Dec. 13, 2020, Crossroads Church distributed hundreds of gifts to needy families at CityLink Center. 

In the article, the Crossroads community collected gifts for local families in need to come into the Christmas gift store and buy their kids some presents. 

Joe Jones, the director of Local Outreach, stated on the news that they hope to allow families to experience the joy of the season through the Christmas Drive. He believed every kid should be excited to see gifts under the tree.

In addition, Jones added that through this drive, they hoped it would happen as they worked with other organizations to bring life to many families during the Christmas season.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

In another report for the Cincinnati Herald, they noted that the Crossroads Church members gave out boxes filled with Thanksgiving meals to 100,000 individuals in need near its ten areas.

Moreover, the website stated that the church’s sites in Greater Cincinnati gathered the boxes and food items on Nov. 21, 2020. 

Eboni Perkins, the Crossroads Local ReachOut Director, mentioned that Thanksgiving Food Drive is a chance for the community to bless vulnerable families. He explained that some families are suffering from a lack of food because of various situations.

Perkins emphasized that the problem was unavoidable no matter what the season is. He added that the Crossroads community seeks to fill in the gap and that holding a food drive could allow them to fulfill their mission.

More importantly, the news website revealed that the Thanksgiving Food Drive was one of the first community-serving events that the church launched when it operated in 1996. 


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