Every Nation Cincinnati Church hosts fellowship for women

Every Nation Cincinnati Church held a fellowship for women during the Connecting Amazing Women gathering. (Photo taken from Every Nation Cincinnati Church’s Facebook page)

Every Nation Cincinnati Church hosted the first Connecting "Amazing Women" gathering for women on Saturday, Oct. 01.

The church’s Facebook page noted that the event was an excellent opportunity for its female members to pray and learn the Bible. They added that the program was filled with laughter as they met other women in their community.

Women’s Life Groups

One of the church’s life groups is the About Women Encouraged & Uplifted. They noted that this group is for all ladies. They could motivate and mature together to please God in all areas of their lives. 

In this group, female members could share laughter and tears as they strengthened each other, as further explained. During their meeting, they also study the Bible and pray together.

The church believes that being a woman takes a lot of hard work. They said that sometimes it is overwhelming to think about others’ opinions of them. These could result in feelings of loneliness, as mentioned on the website.

The women’s group is designed to uplift every member so they could be the best versions of themselves, the website emphasized. They posted that they gather every Thursday evening.

Group for Single Mothers

In another section, the church explained that they also created a venue for single moms. They added that Every Nation Cincinnati Church desires to connect and help single mothers in their community. 

They meet every second and fourth Monday of the month, as mentioned on the website. The group members encourage each other through prayer and fun activities during their gatherings. They said that they create friendship in the group. 

As further stated, the group tries to meet face-to-face at least once a month to spend time with their children. 

 Discipleship at Every Nation

The Discipleship webpage noted that after the church members finish the course, they would have the chance to be more responsible for the church’s mission and vision. 

As further explained, Discipleship 201 is an eight-week class giving the congregation helpful training and a role in the ministry. They added that the church would provide intensive equipping on its mission. 

The same website posted that members would learn the four “Es”: Engage, Establish, Equip, and Empower. They would also learn fundamental training for one-on-one discipleship, prayer, and other practices.

Moreover, the church announced that participants gather face-to-face every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. They said the course began on Sept. 14 and will end on Nov 2. The website mentioned that this course is part of the MDWK class offerings.

In addition, the website explained that they would offer childcare services for their participants. They said that they do not provide online classes for this course.

Former Bethel Cincinnati Church

Meanwhile, the church’s homepage revealed that Every Nation Cincinnati Church was formerly known as Bethel Cincinnati Church. As further explained, they emphasized that their faith is focused on Jesus.

They consist of various ethnic groups of different generations at Every Nation Cincinnati Church, as posted on the website. They added that they embrace other individuals to reach out to the world.


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