Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church to host program for grieving individuals

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church will host Blue Christmas, a service for those suffering in grief during the holiday season. (Photo taken from the Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church’s Facebook page)

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church (UMC) will hold "Blue Christmas" on Friday, Dec. 2, to help those who grieve the loss of someone or something.

The church’s Facebook page mentioned that it would be designed for grieving people to embrace their feelings during the holiday season. They invited those who had lost their loved ones.

It also encouraged those who had lost their dream, occupation, marriage, or relationship to attend the service.

The church said it would welcome everyone who wants to join.

In addition, they noted on their post that they are partnering with the Stephen Ministry for this program. 

Stephen Ministry

According to the Stephen Ministry website, the Greater Cincinnati Stephen Ministry Network is composed of inter-denominational churches that support the ministry. 

They aim to offer those churches the most suitable Care Reciever they need. As further mentioned, their goal is to provide Christians with nurturing in the aspects they need.

Involvement with Stephen Ministry

In another section, Stephen Ministry revealed they are familiar individuals. They added that people who belong to this ministry are trained Believers to offer one-tone care to others suffering under challenging circumstances. 

Some of their focus are those dealing with grief, divorce, loss of occupation, or a severe critical illness. Besides, the website mentioned that they are helping those who have undergone relocation or separation because of military deployment.

More importantly, Stephen Ministry stressed that they came from various backgrounds in life. They stated that their passion for sharing the love of Jesus and His care for people amidst their difficulties brings them together.

Safe Sanctuaries at Hyde Park UMC

The church’s website emphasized that Hyde Park Community UMC is a safe sanctuary for everyone. They believe that everyone is complete in “God’s Kin-Dom.” They explained that people could worship, learn and serve in different ways to mature in their faith.

At Hyde Park Community UMC, they mentioned that they offer a safe place for all individuals' physical, emotional, and mental wellness. They cater to all generations, including kids, teenagers, and elders. 

Moreover, they stated that they provide a secure environment for vulnerable people in the community. 

Hyde Park Community UMC noted that they aim to make and offer a place for safety and empowerment. They said that they want to lessen the abuse of marginalized individuals. As pointed out on the website, they conduct screening and supervision to fulfill their mission.

Working with United Methodist Church

The church emphasized on the same website that they are dedicated to becoming a Safe Sanctuaries congregation as part of the greater UMC. They added that they are passionate about working responsibly with all individuals.

In addition, they are committed to helping others with their faith and how they could give their life to God, as further explained on the website. 

Hyde Park UMC explained that they adopted this policy of their principle of nurturing children and young people in their Christian beliefs and living. As further mentioned, the Safe Sanctuaries policy added it would help them refresh their baptismal vow. 


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