Immanuel Presbyterian Church partners with UKIRK to minister college students

Immanuel Presbyterian Church works with UKIRK Cincinnati to minister college students. (Photo taken from the offiicial website of Immanuel Presbyterian Church)

Immanuel Presbyterian Church partnered with UKIRK to conduct a program for local college students.

The church’s website mentioned that the initiative is part of the church’s mission.


The UKIRK website emphasized that it is a campus program of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. They added that they are a community of Believers dedicated to loving God and others in this dangerous and confusing world. 

In addition, the website noted that UKIRK seeks to nurture a diverse and belonging group for students to discover more of their faith. In this community, they said they have a genuine conversations and undergo spiritual discipline. 

Besides, UKIRK mentioned that they offer radical services for students to apply. 

Time of Confusion during College

According to the same website, the ministry recognized that college could be a complicated and overwhelming moment for students. 

They explained that there are a lot of new ideas, individuals, and experiences for them that could lead them not to know who they are and what to believe.

UKIRK offers students a secure environment to rely on amidst the challenges they are encountering, as explained on the website. The website emphasized that they could have a chance to experience change and growth with the help of this college ministry. 

Moreover, the ministry believes that it is vital for the student’s spiritual life to address their doubts, uncertainties, and challenging questions.

The website noted that their flagship in the ministry is being honest to God. They said that the group gathers once a week to guide students and help them mature in their faith.

Providing Opportunities

UKIRK Cincinnati emphasized that they are passionate about offering learners the chance to meet God. They want to achieve this by providing spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation, as added on the website. 

In addition, the ministry acknowledged that faith is not just about ideas or beliefs. They explained that faith is more about the relational encounter with God.

The website said the UKIRK ministry seeks to relate the modern experience to the old tradition. As further explained, they believe spiritual formation has the same value as spiritual education. 

Dedication to Social Justice

Meanwhile, the website revealed that UKIRK Cincinnati is passionate about promoting social justice. They think that God is the Lord of justice, and as Christians, they think about living out justice faithfully.

The ministry emphasized that their primary purpose is to live their faith by loving radically and serving others.

More importantly, the UKIRK program firmly believes that people can see God through their initiatives in fighting for justice in their local neighborhoods. 

According to the website, the UKIRK community accepted the PC (USA)’s invitation to become a part of the Matthew 25 Campus Ministry. They explained that this ministry is dedicated to serving vulnerable individuals. 

Marginalized people include those who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned, and poor, as mentioned on the website. 

Moreover, the website posted that UKIRK is also dedicated to destroying systemic racism. Being anti-racist is part of their identity, as emphasized on the website. 

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