Southland Baptist Church hosts Bible preaching for residents of nursing home

An old man is seen in a nursing home. (Photo taken from the official website of Southland Baptist Church)

Southland Baptist Church in Cincinnati offers Bible preaching and worship through songs to the residents of their nursing home ministry. 

Nursing Home Ministry 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a lockdown order on March 13, 2020, which prohibited anyone other than essential personnel from entering nursing homes.

According to The Consumer Voice, because of this, the residents of the nursing home began a period of isolation lasting many months during which they were cut off from their families. 

Those who were able to do so, but due to a lack of resources or a resident's medical condition, this was not always possible. 

The inability of family members to monitor the care provided to their loved ones was significantly hampered by the absence of family presence.

Also, some of the nursing homes in the country are shutting down due to a lack of financial support or because they could not support the residents of their facilities. 

Meanwhile, Southland Baptist Church has a ministry that serves residents of five different area nursing homes and retirement communities. 

At each of their locations, they hold a service on the first Sunday of every month.

According to the church's post, the purpose of this ministry is to provide residents the chance to be uplifted and strengthened through the clear presentation of the Bible as well as through musical worship directed toward the Lord. 

Throughout the course of the year, a number of Southland's attendees volunteer their time at the nursing home ministry. 

James Wm, the leader of the senior ministries, is in charge of coordinating all of the services provided by nursing homes. 

The younger preachers also volunteer and support, as well as provide opportunities to ministry.

Adult Life at Southland

Southland hosts occasional get-togethers for persons aged 50 and over, during which they simply enjoy spending time in fellowship with one another. T

According to the church, their church holds a "Senior Area-wide" gathering once a year in the month of April, to which they extend invitations to senior citizens from other churches located throughout the city. 

It is always packed, and they get dinner as part of your membership. In addition, a significant number of their adults are active in the community in a variety of capacities, including serving as teachers, trustees, choir members, and volunteers elsewhere. 

They value the wisdom gained from their life experiences and the level of maturity they bring to the group.

About Southland Baptist Church

On July 11, 1956, the Race Street Baptist Mission, sensing that the Lord was directing them to organize into a church, approached the Bible Baptist Church in order to obtain the authority necessary to create the Southland Missionary Baptist Church

According to its website, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the church had its gatherings at 1822 Race Street. On August 4, 1956, James Roberts was given the position of pastor after being voted into office.

Pastor James R. Love was called to serve as the pastor of SMBC on March 26, 2000. 

The church's mortgage was finally paid off in January of 2001 thanks to the Lord's blessing. The SMBC is still being led by Pastor Love in his role as pastor.

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