The Crossing Church to hold three-day celebration of holiday season

The Crossing Church will hold a three-day celebration of the holiday season. (Photo taken from the official website of The Crossing Church)

The Crossing Church in Batavia, Ohio, will celebrate the holiday season with the theme “Christmas at The Crossing,” from Wednesday to Friday, Dec. 21 to 23, at 7 p.m. on East Bauman Lane. 

Christmas at The Crossing

The Crossing Church expressed its excitement to celebrate "Christmas at The Crossing." It said it is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with everyone, regardless of whether or not it is their first time attending or an annual tradition.

According to the church’s post, during the event,  there will be activities for children ages birth to three that are a part of the Crossing Kids program. 

The Christmas special will be presented at the main service, which everyone else was invited to attend.

The church will prepare bags to give to the children who come with their parents to attend the service, and the parents are encouraging their children to make sure they grab one on their way in.

During these services, there won't be any student ministry for anyone to participate in. Teenagers were encouraged to participate in the main service alongside their families.

On Christmas at The Crossing, in addition to playing Christmas music and delivering a brief message, they will also have a nativity scene set up in the foyer. The night will come to a close with the traditional candlelight moment in the church, as per the report. 

The church said it would make every effort to ensure that everyone will have a fun-filled evening, and they look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus with everyone who will attend.

Family Christmas Event

The Crossing Church will host a family Christmas event called “Waiting for Jesus Experience,” on Saturday, Dec. 10, at the church grounds. 

The Waiting for Jesus Experience is an event for the whole family to participate in together, and it is based on the narrative of Jesus' birth, so there will be a lot of waiting and anticipation involved.

As stated in another announcement, this event has the ability to influence children, families, and the community as a whole, beginning with the prophecies of Isaiah, written hundreds of years earlier and continuing with the tale of the birth of the Savior found in the New Testament.

It is jam-packed with Christmas excitement, including an experience for large groups and activity stations across the building. 

Per the announcement, there will be a Christmas Clue Chase, games, snacks, prizes, and much more. There will also be Christmas music. 

The activity is intended to be participated in by parents and children alike. Everything will be a continuation of the teaching that has been going on in the Crossing Kids Ministry all during the month of December.

About The Crossing Church

The Crossing Church in Batavia is an independent and non-denominational church that can be found on the east side of Cincinnati in the center of Clermont County, close to Eastgate, Batavia, Williamsburg, Amelia, and Bethel. 

According to the church’s website, around The Crossing Student Ministry, everyone agrees that Sunday is the most enjoyable day of the week. The congregation prays that each and every student has the experience of being known. 

They want them to know that they are a part of the community and that it is a secure environment for them, regardless of whether or not they have a personal relationship with Jesus.

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