Pastor Karen Belknap talks about stolen charity vehicle

Pastor Karen Belknap Image courtesy of CW33

The charity van of Inspired Vision Compassion Center went missing for two days last week. Pastor Karen Belknap said they parked the vehicle on North Masters Drive outside the campus of the nonprofit.

The CEO of Inspired Vision Compassion Center, Teadran White, asked for the suspects to return the van. She said they needed the van. Her statement was after authorities found the vehicle Thursday last week.

According to an article published by WFAA, police identified the suspects from the surveillance video in the parking lot. Staff spoke with the authorities regarding how suspects took away the 2020 Ram ProStart Cargo Van.

Vehicle Theft Incident

The staff who reviewed the footage from the CCTV revealed that the individuals involved in the vehicle were a family. They came to the center in another car. The worker said they registered for services and food at the center.

Then, they walked out of the facility with coats, groceries, and other supplies.

The two teens from the family headed toward the 2020 Ram ProStart Cargo Van. They drove off the park with their parents and followed them using their vehicle. The family came from Grand Prairie, Texas.

After the incident, a person called the Inspired Vision Compassion Center. Pastor Karen Belknap said the caller asked them for forgiveness.

Inspired Vision Compassion Center Supports More Than 1,000 Families

Inspired Vision Compassion Center helps people in need by providing them with food. WFAA reported more than a thousand families visited the nonprofit to receive the supplies.

The stolen van was a significant loss for the Inspired Vision Compassion Center if not returned. The organization needed to deliver supplies to the community in the next few weeks. These free foods were also for Thanksgiving Day.

Pastor Karen Belknap said the organization forgave the suspects involved in the vehicle theft. The incident caused the center to rent a van a couple of days before the suspects returned the vehicle.

Center Teadran said the incident troubled them in transporting and picking the supplies.

About Inspired Vision Compassion Center

The Inspired Vision Compassion Center began through the leadership of Pastor Karen Belknap. She founded the organization to support people in need. It is by providing them with food supplies to fight hunger. 

According to its website, a hunger victim inspired the pastor to establish the nonprofit. A young individual passed out a few days after the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. After that, the pastor pledged to minister to an organization that aims to help youth suffering from hunger.

Pastor Karen Belknap

Pastor Karen Belknap holds a couple of degrees, including a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts degree. The institutes he attended were the University of Kansas and Amberton University.

Aside from the Inspired Vision Compassion Center, the pastor serves other organizations. The founder of several of these firms began the leadership of the late Donald Belknap.

CEO Dr. Teadran White

CEO Dr. Teadran White helps Pastor Karen Belknap minister Inspired Vision Compassion Center. She is the administrator and worship leader of the nonprofit. The doctor also helped the pastor establish the Inspired Vision Compassion Center.

She attended universities, including Cleveland Chiropractic College, University of Southern California, Eastfield College, and Booker T Washington School. Dr. Teadran White holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the Cleveland-based institute.

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