Plano church relaunches 'Prom Closet' project to benefit in-need girls with complimentary prom clothing

St. Andrew United Methodist Church’s ‘Prom Closet’ seeks to give in-need teenage girls a chance to experience prom night with free prom dresses and accessories. Image courtesy of Todd Cravens|Unsplash

The St. Andrew United Methodist Church has relaunched its "Prom Closet" project to provide prom dresses and accessories to girls in need across Plano, Texas.

According to an NBCDFW report, Prom Closet is open from Feb. 7-9, Feb. 11, and Feb. 13-18. 

Relaunching 'Prom Closet' for Girls in Need

For young women who cannot go to the prom for lack of proper attire due to financial reasons, Prom Closet offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 

According to the news outlet, the need for a prom dress is immense. The report noted the dress's effect on the girl and her family is indescribable, as pointed out by the volunteers and organizers of Prom Closet.

The report said over 800 girls and 483 schools got gowns and accessories in 2022. This was thanks to the generosity of local community members, regional organizations, national corporations, and enterprises. 

The news outlet said Prom Closet gave 35 dresses to local high school girls in its first year.

NBCDFW said donations of money and new or gently used clothing, footwear, and accessories are being accepted to help make the project happen.

The Women of St. Andrew Prom Closet team collects formal gown donations from the general public and distributes them to students in need. 

According to the church's website, accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, handbags, and wraps, are also available to complement the gowns, and they are all free. 

Each girl can bring one guest who is 16 or older with them while they shop, and they all need to be present to choose their dresses.

Ashley Kendrick, a student event coordinator at Methodist Children's Home in Waco, was delighted with St. Andrew's Prom Closet. 

Kendrick thanked the Prom Closet staff and volunteers for making the evening memorable for the girls. She also underlined the effort and planning that was put into the event.

Meanwhile, the Prom Closet staff is looking for volunteers as the event starts. 

Volunteers are essential to Prom Closet's success. They are needed for many tasks and abilities, including those requiring physical effort. 

Check-in and check-out staff, personal shoppers, dressing room helpers, and set-up and teardown crew members are just some of the jobs that need to be filled.

About St. Andrew United Methodist Church

St. Andrew United Methodist Church members feel their faith should not be confined to Sunday services. According to the church, everything they do, say, and think should reflect their devotion to God. 

They pray that they can inspire all who join their religious community to serve Christ passionately in every aspect of their lives, professional and academic responsibilities, personal relationships, and spare time.

Living as a devoted servant of Christ might be challenging. Still, the people of St. Andrew are confident they can do so in even the most ordinary ways. 

Members of St. Andrew worship together and as individuals. Church officials urge them to make a genuine and original connection with God through worship.

The website added that in response to the world's needs, the people of St. Andrew spread God's love through various ministries and missions.

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