Mother of Colorado boy who died from rattlesnake bite shares her son’s final days in Aurora hospital

young boy (Photo by Yanapi Senaud on Unsplash)

On the first week of July, a six-year-old boy from Colorado Springs died after being bitten by a rattlesnake. Before his death, he was able to be transferred to a children's hospital in Aurora, Colorado, where he spent his final days.

Now, his death is remembered by his family, especially his mother, who reportedly did not give up, hoping God would bring her son back. 

'If God Wanted To Do a Miracle, He Could' 

As a way to remember her son, Lindsey Currat, Simon's mother, accepted an interview with the New York Post. She shared how devastating the death of her son was. 

According to her narration, she would pray for five days straight while Simon was getting treatment. She believed that no one dies from a rattlesnake bite, so she felt strange about how her son immediately went purple after the incident. 

Lindsey said that the doctors had already warned her that her son might no longer be saved. The first hospital where Simon was transferred was the Children's Hospital Colorado in Colorado Springs. There, doctors identified that the young boy might no longer survive since he was only on life support. 

After a while, the doctors in Colorado Springs confirmed that Simon already had complete kidney failure. Despite that, the young boy's family insisted on transferring Simon to another hospital, which was at Aurora-based Children's Hospital Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. 

There, Lindsey continued to pray for God's miracle for her son. 

"No one ever really gave us any hope that they thought he would survive," she said. But, she noted how she believed in God and how He could do miracles to bring her son back to them. 

Sadly, the Aurora hospital said that Simon's body was no longer responding to any tests. The family had to make the final judgment on their son's body, which made Lindsey cry. 

In the end, Lindsey accepted that "If God wanted to do a miracle, he could. And if God wanted to take him, he could." On July 10, Simon was declared dead by the Aurora hospital. 

Colorado Springs Boy Died From Rattlesnake Bite

As per the report from Crossmap last month, Simon was with his father and sister when the incident happened. 

They were at Bluestem Prairie Open Space, where they biked. For a while, the family stopped for a water break. Unfortunately, the young boy started to walk around to a mile marker sign and got bit by a rattlesnake. 

His father immediately ran towards his son after Simon shouted in pain. Another unfortunate scenario during the incident was that the family was far from the nearest hospital, so Simon's father had to find some help. 

They were able to contact 911 for an emergency, and the young boy was able to receive an anti-venom shot. However, it was not the end of it. 

As per the New York Post, the paramedics said that Simon was in cardiac arrest for 20 minutes when they were trying their best to resuscitate him. 

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