Northern Hills Church issues volunteer call to serve for 'Church Work Day'

Northern Hills Church’s Eester Service on April 23 (Northern Hills Church’s Facebook Page)

The Northern Hills Church is seeking help for its 'Church Work Day' event happening on Saturday, Aug. 13, starting at 8:30 a.m.

About Event

According to Northern Hills Church, the 'Church Work Day' aims to prepare for a new preschool that the church is opening. There is reportedly much work to be done outside the church building.

Everyone willing to serve, from middle schoolers to older students of various abilities, is encouraged to volunteer by the church. The church will reportedly be preparing free lunches for the volunteers.

As per Northern Hills Church, they accept any volunteer even if they only plan to help for a brief period.

According to the church, those who want to volunteer and have inquiries and further information about the event may email Michael. His email can be found on the church's website.

Northern Hills Church will reportedly provide fruit, granola bars, and water for breakfast and lunch to those who will be volunteering. 

The church advises volunteers to bring the following if they have their hat, rakes, shovels, and weed eater. They also urge participants to put a label on their belongings.

About Northern Hills Church

Northern Hills Church reportedly wants everyone to know that they are not perfect, do not have everything together, and do not pretend to.

The church has therefore worked to establish a welcoming atmosphere for those who are not affiliated with a church. 

Northern Hills Church reportedly made an effort to be open and accommodating to those who require assistance. They do that since they have discovered the solution to their life's problems and want to share it with everyone.

The church reportedly believes that only Jesus can satisfy their wants, deliver them from their sin, and be strong in their frailty.

As per the same website, at Northern Hills, Jesus is central. Therefore, when people enter the church's doors, they humbly ask visitors and parishioners to understand that it is not about them.

According to Northern Hills Church, Jesus is the only one worth following. Therefore they are following Him because of what He has done for everyone. Everything focuses on their love for Him.

Through God's grace, people can reportedly experience fresh starts and be transformed in Northern Hills.

In addition, it is reportedly acceptable to struggle and be open about one's suffering, regrets, anxieties, and other things in Northern Hills.

As explained, this will remind them that although God meets them where they are, He loves them too much to leave them there. 

At Northern Hills Church, everyone can discover a place to embrace God's grace, gain freedom from addiction, and experience the healing of relationships.

Northern Hills Connect

According to the same website, beyond just attending the services at Northern Hills, the church aims for each person to feel truly connected and at home at the church.

Connect is reportedly the church's strategy for people to meet new individuals in their area or stage of life through studies and service. 

The church offers 'Circle Up' and gives people the opportunity to find their place to serve.

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