Red Rocks Church finishes up Let's Go Change the World sermon series

Johnson based his sermon on the passage of John 15:1-27.  (Photo by Aaron Burden from Unsplash)

On Oct. 2, Shawn Johnson, Senior Pastor of Red Rocks Church, delivered an online closing sermon for the series "Let's Go Change the World." 

As he wrapped up the series, Johnson gave a sermon titled "Make Me Dangerous." This sermon focused on what it looks like to dangerously live as followers of Christ who are called on to go and change the world with the Gospel. 

Sermon Foundation 

Johnson based his sermon on the passage of John 15:1-27. 

In the passage, Jesus instructs his disciples about their calling and their role in the mission. The Scripture also emphasized that the only way the disciples can go about their purpose is to be completely dependent on Christ. Specifically, to abide in him. 

This passage shows how important the relationship is between Jesus and his disciples. The Scripture specifically states that Jesus is the vine and his followers are the branches. 

This means that if his followers do not abide or remain attached to him, they will not be able to bear fruit. Without Jesus, his followers can do nothing, including changing the world for his glory. 

With John 15:1-27 as his foundation, Johnson challenged the congregation to pray to God that He would challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone and change the world. 

He stated that their purpose of living is to bring as many people to Jesus and make heaven crowded rather than living a life of safety and comfort. 

Johnson then pointed to the Scripture and said that despite living a life full of danger, Jesus promised his followers that they would be protected so long as they continued to live out their mission. 

So, just like the disciples, Johnson called on the members of the church to hold on to God's promise, ask for boldness, and dangerously serve, give, and share their faith. 

Let's Go Change the World Series 

The Let's Go Change the World series started on Sept.11 with a sermon from Pastor Doug Wekenman titled "Five Hacks for a Healthy Heart." 

As it was the opening, Wekenman based his sermon on the passage of Proverbs 4:23 and preached about the importance of having a healthy heart when it comes to participating in the Christian movement. 

With this, he gave five hacks that serve as tools for a healthy heart, which are: to hate the cause of their hurt; to examine what's within them; to adjust what they applaud; to rest on the saving grace, and to take Jesus at His Word. 

The "Five Hacks for a Healthy Heart" was then followed by a sermon of his titled "Famous to Family," wherein he tackled friendship and community based on the church of Acts. 

Wekenman then passed on the baton to Johnson, who delivered the sermon "Man in the Arena." In this sermon, Johnson inspired the members of the church to not be wary of critics and to push forward in creating an impact in other people's lives.

 Red Rocks Church has in-person worship services in Littleton, Colorado that is headed by Campus Pastor Conrad Bess. These services are held on Sundays at 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m., and 11:30 a.m.

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