St. John's School and Church's former music director faces sexual assault charge

St. John's School and Church's former music director, Diego Marroquin, was charged with sexual assault on a kid. (Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm from Unsplash)

Diego Marroquin, St. John's School and Church's former music director, has been charged with sexual assault on a kid.

In May 2022, he reportedly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old female student at the school while they were both on a balcony that overlooked a church.

Police Report

According to the findings of a recent investigation by CBS News Colorado, Denver law enforcement and prosecutors are investigating a rape case against a man who previously worked as the music director at St. John's School and church, located in southeast Denver.

Documents filed by the Denver Police Department state that the teenager said she lost consciousness and could not believe it would happen to her.

The teenager reportedly stated that on May 17, 2022, Marroquin approached her and requested her to assist him with some work that needed to be done on the balcony of the church sanctuary. 

She further said that Marroquin attempted to kiss her and fondled her after that. She affirmed that she was going crazy and terrified. 

The teenager detailed her experience of trying to fight off Marroquin in the following way: "... he pulled his jeans down then my jeans and started having sex with me."

She stated that once it was over, she fled the church immediately.

Jessica Vandam, the mother of the accused victim, told CBS News Colorado that "we're fighting for our daughter." However, the news outlet would not identify the alleged victim.

Moreover, Marroquin told CBS News Colorado that he could not discuss the matter because his counsel advised him not to do so. 

However, he expressed his desire that 'the truth comes out.' His attorney, Marshall Breit, did not want to comment on the allegations that had been made against Marroquin.

The alleged sexual assault case was kept under wraps until it was made public.

The arrest affidavit that CBS News Colorado acquired describes Marroquin, originally from Guatemala, as a 'worship leader at the church.' The adolescent filled out the testimony.

Victim's Parents' Side

Jessica and Aaron Vandam stated that after their daughter came forward in the middle of August, three months after the alleged incident, church and school leaders said the teen was lying. 

The accusations reportedly amounted to slander and gossip. The parents said administrators warned them not to discuss the allegations with anyone.

The Vandams claim that church Ptr. Andrew Farhat left them many voicemails shortly after the allegations were brought to their attention in August.

Moreover, the Vandams said they reported to DPD after Marroquin was allowed to continue working at the school and church after church officials were made aware of the alleged event.

According to Christopher Yvars, an attorney representing St. John's School and church, they have completely cooperated with the inquiry. He refused to elaborate anymore.

Marroquin was charged with a felony by the DPD, and in November, the authorities acquired a warrant for his arrest.

The Vandals took both of their girls out of St. John's School in August; nonetheless, the Vandams report that their older daughter, who is now 14 years old, struggles to sleep and suffers from anxiety. 

They are collaborating with Rathod Mohamedbhai, a law firm in Denver, in preparation for the possibility of legal action being taken against St. John's.

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