Claremont School of Theology eyes LA transfer to stress in-person, distance learning

Claremont School of Theology is one of the 13 schools of the United Methodist Church. Image: Claremont School of Theology

After 66 years, Claremont School of Theology will move to the location of Westwood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles this summer. 

The transfer reportedly aims to emphasize in-person and distance learning of the students. 

In Continuous Offer of Current Programs

After the announcement of relocation to Los Angeles, the new campus is conveniently situated near the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), so the school may maintain its current degree offerings without sacrificing accessibility. 

Also, the officials decided to keep the school's name. 

According to Yahoo! Finance, moving to Los Angeles will further the school's goal and emphasize on-campus and online education. The school will incorporate its mission into a strategic plan with a fresh emphasis on the values of compassion, justice, and community. 

Aside from that, the project is still developing and is known now as "Claremont 2.0." 

With this strategy, they can better serve their communities and offer more diverse and high-quality programming.

Rev. Patricia Farris, the board chair, said that the Board of Trustees and the school community had maintained their mission-oriented focus throughout this time of unprecedented change.

Farris also stressed the partnership with Westwood UMC will allow them new collaboration and to maximize their facilities. 

"I am grateful to the Westwood congregation for sharing the vision in new, innovative, and deeply faithful configurations," Farris said, as quoted in the report. 

Meanwhile, The CST admin coordinates with local apartment managers and owners to locate low-cost off-campus housing choices that the school can fund for students living on campus. In addition, CST will also cover the expense of moving them. 

Rev. Molly Vetter, the pastor of Westwood UMC and a CST alumna, said that CST's values are a good fit with those of the church, which includes a long history of collaboration on interfaith projects and the pursuit of social justice.

Vetter also revealed that the church would share the two wings with CST. 

Westwood UMC

The mission of Westwood United Methodist Church is to make disciples who will work for justice, kindness, and the preservation of God's creation. 

They seek to know and do God's will by testifying to Christ's love and welcoming the Holy Spirit's work in their lives.

According to the church's LinkedIn profile, worship of God and involvement in ministries of justice and mercy in the community are all ways in which Westwood UMC encourages its members of all ages to develop their spiritual selves.

About Claremont School of Theology

As an institution founded and affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Claremont School of Theology is both ecumenical and interfaith in its outlook. 

Students get the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical care necessary to prepare them for leadership roles in the church and the wider community.

According to the school's website, CST has significant links with other Christian denominations in America and is one of The United Methodist Church's 13 official theological schools.

Claremont School of Theology offers degree programs from Master of Divinity to Ph.D. in Religion. 

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