First Southern Baptist Church in Cypress celebrates 75th anniversary with elected officials, pastors

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On Saturday, the humble First Southern Baptist Church in Cypress, California, celebrated its 75th anniversary, where elected leaders, pastors, former pastors, worshipers, well-wishers, and former pastors all attended the event. 

This humble place of worship, which predates the City of Cypress and Disneyland, has battled but persisted throughout its 75 years.

Celebrating 75th Anniversary of Cypress Church

For pastor Trevor Cooper, even though many churches have shut their doors for various reasons, God has enabled this particular church to continue operating, even amid the pandemic.

The distinctive A-frame roof of the church formerly stood tall in what is now a bustling city, but back then, it was surrounded by nothing but fields of agriculture and relatively few occupants.

As reported by Event-News Enterprise, David Allen, a former member of the church who spent his childhood in the congregation, claimed that at the time, there were no freeways and only 200,000 people living in all of Orange County at the time.

Allen, one of the legacy members who testified at the event, stated that the first time he can recall attending the church was in 1951 when he was just seven years old.

Allen stated that back then, a person could purchase a property in Orange County for $5,000. Allen recalled the days when believers would attend Sunday services and proceed outside to fellowship on the green grass surrounding the building.

According to Allen, many acts of love were carried out by the early members, including customs of gratitude that are still carried out today. He said that the numerous accomplishments of love among the small church members were why the church had been around up until now and why they are loved even more now.

The ceremony was also attended by Victor Chayasirisobhon, who serves as the first vice president of the National Baptist Convention and his role as head of the California Baptist Convention. 

As per the report, Chayasirisobhon sent greetings from all Baptists in California and the rest of the country. Officials from the city of Cypress were there as well, including Mayor Anne Hertz-Mallari and a member of the Council, Frances Marquez.

Cooper expressed his gratitude to Evangeline Wheeler and acknowledged almost the whole congregation, praising them for the numerous ways they had contributed to the success of the anniversary celebration.

About First Southern Baptist Church

First Southern Baptist Church is a congregation in Orange County that teaches the gospel intending to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are mature in their faith and expanding so that they can minister to their communities and the world. 

The First Southern Baptist Church is a congregation that values family and welcomes people of all cultural backgrounds.

As per the website, there is never an instance in which the members of First Baptist Church of Cypress are asked to go above and beyond what is instructed in the Bible. They also expect their members to obey what Jesus commanded every one of his followers to do.

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