Garden Church in San Pedro recovers from $5,000 worth of stolen equipment

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At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 5, multiple burglars broke into the “Feed and Be Fed Garden” and took the equipment worth $5,000. The Garden Church in San Pedro, California, which holds weekly services at that location, made use of this particular equipment. According to Peter Rothe, head of the board of directors for Feed and Be Fed, the burglars made off with an entire sound system as well as a generator. 

Recovering from Burglary

When the thieves broke in, there were no security cameras installed in the garden itself, according to the Rev. Dr. Amanda Adams Riley, who serves as the head pastor of the Garden Church. The church had just recently purchased the camera, yet they had not yet set it up.

According to Random Length News, Rothe stated that the San Pedro Historic Waterfront District, which is part of the PBID, did in fact have cameras in the area, and the cameras captured film of the criminals breaking into the garden. 

The PBID was able to inform Rothe how long they had been in the garden by looking at the footage they had taken there. The report also stated that the items that were stolen were not insured. 

Riley revealed that All of the items together weren't even worth that much. It was purely coincidental that a backup generator was handy, as the insurance company doesn't recommend covering anything under $5,000.

Riley stated that the thieves broke over the fence and cut the padlock off the shed in order to steal the generator.

As per the report, the burglars arrived at the property on a night when it was pouring rain, and as they searched it, they created a tremendous mess by knocking numerous objects over and throwing others around. 

According to Linda O'Brien-Rothe, the main gardener at Feed and Be Fed, the burglars set up an EZ UP tent to protect themselves from the rain, but then they abandoned the tent after they were done.

Before the pandemic, there was no sound system in place in the church, and Riley stated that she intended to continue on without one for the time being. 

However, a member of the congregation who volunteered his time was able to piece together some of his own equipment and create a makeshift sound system.

Riley stated that it was possible for the equipment to be recovered and that one of the law enforcement officers she spoke to was somewhat positive about the situation. A member of the local church has investigated pawnshops in the surrounding area.

About Garden Church

The Garden Church is a multi-denominational Christian community that is rooted in the Christian tradition and Swedenborgian theology. According to the website, it offers a living experience of encountering the Divine in community, scripture, nature, and the life of useful service. 

This church is a refuge for those who seek a place to grow, love, be loved, and belong through its worship, work, and learning together, feeding the needy, and addressing the local community's needs. 

Establishing a spiritual community that provides for people's physical, mental, and spiritual needs so that they may see God's love in action.

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