Southside Church of Christ, John Stanley, Inc. celebrate groundbreaking ceremony of affordable rental homeless senior project

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Pastor Dr. Carl. C. Baccus, Chris Baccus of Southside Church of Christ, and the president of John Stanley, Inc., Saki S. Middleton, celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of the affordable rental homeless senior project called "Serenity" on Monday, Sept. 19. 

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Serenity

John Stanley, Inc., Southside Church of Christ, and Innovative Housing Opportunities are all working together on the Serenity project.

According to Globe Newswire, on a plot of land measuring 0.82 acres and formerly serving as the parking lot for Southside Church of Christ, a mixed-use development known as Serenity has been constructed to house homeless seniors in need of affordable housing. 

It also stated that the development features 50 apartments with ground-floor commercial space. 

The amenities will include a third-floor outdoor patio with a BBQ area, sitting places, a kitchen, flex room, computer/classroom, and a lounge. In addition to parking, tenants have access to a gym on the fourth floor and a laundry room on the third floor. 

The units will be made available to low-income seniors with yearly family earnings of 60 percent or less and those who are 55 or older and currently homeless. 

Meanwhile, the report revealed that the Housing Department and the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles are participating partners in the project as a public-private collaboration.

For the construction of the Serenity project, the City of Los Angeles provided $9.22 million, and the R4 Capital LLC also donated $12,647,000 in LIHTC equity. Also, the Housing Authority provided 36 project-based vouchers for homeless seniors severely impacted by homelessness. 

Middleton said that the 36 project-based vouchers from the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and the $9 million Proposition HHH supportive housing loan are essential to the success of this project, and they would not exist without the unwavering support of Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson. 

Middleton added that permanent housing and supportive services for the elderly homeless would improve their quality of life and the community.

Carl Baccus says they are incredibly thankful to God, the church members, the community, and the city for working with them to bring high-quality homes and services to the area.

About Southside Church of Christ

The Southside Church of Christ has a significant history of faithfully carrying out the "Great Commission" given to Jesus by God the Father. 

They carry out their duties in accordance with the directives given to them by their Commander and Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

According to Southside, reaching out to people worldwide and pleading with them to accept Christ as their savior before the return of the Lord is their responsibility.

The goal of the Southside Church of Christ is to carry out the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave to his followers and to tell the world about the salvation plan that God has provided. Southside also aims to spread uplifting news to people all across the globe.

Church of Christ members from all over the world is welcome to visit and participate in their services and Bible studies to experience a spirit-filled, scripturally sound fellowship with Jesus Christ.

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