"A Servants' Christmas" to show in St. Paul theater

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"A Servants' Christmas" returns to St. Paul's History Theatre from Nov. 19 to Dec. 18. This holiday season, the performance hopes to spread joy and the message of acceptance. This production also serves as a farewell to Ron Peluso, who has been the artistic director of St. Paul's History Theatre for nearly three decades.

Details of the Show

The History Theatre is located at 30 East 10th Street in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Those who are interested in witnessing the show can purchase tickets online. The show will run for a month, it will start on Nov. 19 until Dec. 18, and it follows different schedules per date; details of the schedule are posted on a website.  

Golden circle tickets cost $70 for adults under 30 years old; those who avail of these tickets can sit on the third and fourth rows of Sections B, C, and D, and No seating in the first two rows of B, C, and D due to COVID protocols. They also want to let the public know there are no discounted tickets for seniors.

Tickets cost $48 to $63 for Tiers of 3 for an adult audience and $40 for those under 30. Students have significant discounts for these tier seats; it will only cost $15. 

The show will be in two acts; act 1 will run for 1 hour and 15 minutes, while act 2 is 5 minutes shorter. The source also posted the casts and creative team who made this show possible. 

The New Director

The last performance of "A Servants' Christmas" was in 2008, and it is finally returning to the St. Paul theater after nearly a decade and a half. Peluso will take over as show director after the previous director became ill.

Peluso had been planning his final show at the History Theatre for a year and a half when 'A Servants' Christmas' arrived unexpectedly. He explained that while visiting an artist at the theater, he was approached by a staff member who informed him that their director was ill and that they needed a replacement, according to a cbsnews.com report. 

Tinia Moulder, a long-time show choreographer, collaborates with Peluso; she first appeared in the production in 1988. She said that it is not hard for her because she is working with Peluso. 

About  'A Servant's Christmas'

"A Servant's Christmas" is a story about love, acceptance, and acknowledgment, a stocking stuffer full of laughter, song, dance, and a joyful musical.

In December, Monica, a young immigrant, is hired as a "Second Girl" by the Warner family on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Mr. Warner, a devout Christian, lost his wife and the mother of his two children, and the holiday season is incredibly challenging for everyone in the family.

Monica kept a secret and worried about losing her job, which she desperately needed. She kept her true identity and Jewish ancestry hidden. The show is back in the theater after several years, and everybody is invited to witness this incredible show. 

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