Air Mobile Ministries founder recalls one time he was almost kidnapped in Haiti

Air Mobile Ministries donates a water purifier to the Philippines in 2014. (Screenshot from: Air Mobile Ministries Facebook page)

Air Mobile Ministries' founder shared in a report his horrible experience in Haiti when he was almost kidnapped while on a mission. Security forces reported that Haitian gangs had already kidnapped 17 U.S. missionaries in the past. 

Almost Kidnapped

In a report with Spectrum News, Joe Hurston said that he makes regular trips to the Caribbean country for his mission work. Hurston's ministry reportedly delivers water filtration stations to the island so more people can drink clean water. 

Unfortunately, during one of his missions, he revealed that he was "almost kidnapped." 

In his narration, he said that the gunmen used a "military maneuver" to get him. The group also swerved in front of Hurston's car and "jammed them so they could not move." 

He explained that around 12 to 14 armed men surrounded his group and attacked them. 

Plans to Return

After that incident, Hurston said that when he is in Haiti, he remains vigilant. He added that he always has to have eyes at the back of his head. 

He stressed that once he was in the country, he became a target for kidnappers. Hurston explained that keeping a vigilant attitude kept him safe from dangerous situations many times. 

Despite that experience, the ministry founder told the news outlet that he still plans to go back to Haiti. He said this time that he would not announce his specific plans to throw off kidnappers. 

He added that he would also keep things low-key the next time he flies out to the island. Hurston said that the kidnappers were street smart and savvy, so he had to stay one step ahead. 

Terrible Things

The nonprofit founder also added that he continues to pray for other kidnapping victims in Haiti. He said it was a miracle that he evaded his attackers. 

He admitted that the kidnapping incident brought back memories of what happened to him back then. Hurston said that those were "terrible things." 

The founder admitted that the situation was "scary" but that prayers are a powerful tool. 

Country's Instability

The founder explained that many factors led to further instability in Haiti. He set examples of the recent assassination of the Haitian president and the earthquake in August. 

According to experts, hundreds of people were kidnapped in Haiti this year. 

Hurston also said that the presence of gangs in the country only intensified in 2020. He explained that the kidnappers tended to be violent since the country became more unstable. 

Kidnapping Victims

According to Fox 8, unlike Hurston, exactly 17 other missionaries were recently kidnapped by gangs in Haiti. The victims were reportedly part of an Ohio-based mission called Christian Aid Ministries. 

The report said that the group was taken on Saturday, Oct. 16. As explained, the victims were reportedly on their way home after building an orphanage when it happened. 

After that, the Christian Aid Missionaries sent a message alert to different religious organizations. They encouraged their fellow missionaries to "pray for the repentance of the gang members." 

Authorities said that the kidnappers demanded ransom ranging from hundreds of dollars to more than $1 million. 

As initially reported, the gang members had already murdered a deacon in front of a church in Port-au-Prince last month. 

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