Freedom Fellowship Church holds rummage sale to support youth summer programs

Freedom Fellowship Church during a Sunday worship service. (Screenshot from: Freedom Fellowship Church Facebook page)

Church members of Freedom Fellowship Church in Apopka recently organized its "rummage sales." In a report with Orange Observer, the funds from the series of events will benefit the church's summer youth programs. 

Rummage Sales

The church held its rummage sale earlier this month. According to the report, there is no exact date for the next one. But, the report said that Freedom Fellowship Church holds three rummage sales every year. 

Matt Butschek, one of the youth leaders, told the news outlet that the next rummage sale would most likely happen in 2022. He said that it might be in late February and in May. 

Community Donations

He also asked for people to donate to their cause. The youth leader stressed that they welcome donations of any kind. 

"Community donations are a huge blessing," Butschek said. 

He explained that monetary donations would help support teenagers who could not afford to go to the retreat. 

The youth leader emphasized the importance of community donations, saying that they "would not have anything to sell to raise money." 

He added that he was thankful for the people who helped. The missionary said that it was a blessing and "it can help bring a community together."

The church website further described volunteers as "a community of excited believers who love to engage with God and with others."

Building Relationships With Youth

Butschek told the news outlet that he and his wife had been part of the ministry for three years now. 

The pastor is also a missionary and a firefighter. He said that he and his wife love building relationships with the youth group. 

He added that both of them made it a point to be there for them. The youth leader explained that teenagers often needed someone to rely on. 

He said that many in their youth group sought help when they went through difficult times. 

Butschek also said that most of the teenagers needed a shoulder to cry on. The youth also needed someone to answer some of life's questions for them. 

The youth leader told the news outlet that giving young people hope and direction for the future has its benefits. 

Shoulder to Cry on

He shared that when he was younger, he did not experience the same support. 

Butschek added that he knew how hard life could be because he saw it firsthand. He only wished he had someone to talk to when he was younger because he could have made better decisions. 

The missionary said that at 21 years old, he was "walking in the kingdom of darkness." He believed that God had other plans for him because Jesus would help him walk in the kingdom of the light. 

He admitted that experience helped shape who he was today. The dark moment in his life changed him for the better, he said. 

The 47-year-old is now a father of four. Three of his oldest children belong to the youth group. 

The youth leader has worked for the church for 25 years to date. 

Summer Youth Retreat

The youth group that he leads has around 45 members. Many of them plan to join the summer youth retreat in Louisiana from Jun. 21 to 25, 2022. 

He explained that the youth retreats are a four-night encounter of "learning, worship, encouragement, and fun." 

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