Nations Church Orlando partners with 'Birthday Blessing Ministry' to help local children celebrate their birthday

Patricia Morris is the founder of Birthday Blessing, a local ministry that helps children celebrate their birthdays. (Screenshot from: Birthday Blessing website)

Nations Church Orlando recently announced on its social media page that it partnered with a local ministry, Birthday Blessing. According to the post, the ministry helps less fortunate children celebrate their birthdays. 

Birthday Blessing

In the post, the church called the ministry a "fun and creative way" to reach out to the broken people of the community. 

The Birthday Blessing website claimed that they are a nonprofit that partners with churches and small groups. 

With the help of their donors, they reportedly funded birthday celebrations of underprivileged children ages 5 to 12 years old. 

Moreover, they believed that birthdays remind children of their value in the world and the love of Christ to them. 

Aside from free celebration, the Birthday Blessing also hopes to impart a message of hope to the children. Through the nonprofit, the churches connect with the families and help welcome them into the community. 

As reported, the nonprofit celebrates a group of unprivileged children whose birthdays fall on each month. 

Birthday Blessings reportedly provide each child with their cake, table, party theme, and guests. 

The nonprofit also gives each child a gift from their wish list. Everything provided by the nonprofit and their partners is given to the families free of charge. 

As a sign of partnership, the Nations Church Orlando now encourages its members to donate to the website to help give local children a birthday party. 

Birthday Blessings' Founder

According to the Birthday Blessing website, founder Patricia Morris was inspired to start the ministry in 2008. At the time, she had postpartum depression. 

Morris said that even if she had a thriving career and a happy marriage, she could not fight the tears. She recalled that "depression was crushing her heart." 

The website stated that a friend took Morris to a retreat hosted by a Brazilian church. The founder said she knew who Christ was all her life, but there was a difference between knowing Jesus and knowing Him as a friend. 

Morris shared that during the retreat, she gave her life to Christ. She also said that she felt her depression lifted from her shoulders at the time. 

The founder of the nonprofit reportedly felt the power of the Holy Spirit fall upon her. 

Morris admitted to not reading the bible beforehand, saying prayers of forgiveness to God. At the time, she remembered not knowing where to begin.

God then gave her the answer when a friend mentioned a project for their church group. Her friend suggested packing "birthday-party-in-a-bag" filled with presents and supplies for children at a local homeless shelter. 

Morris recalled her childhood where she was the child of divorced parents. Her mother had to travel for three months a year, so she lived with her grandmother. 

She added that on her birthday, her mother went all out and gave her a party. She said that for one day a year, everything seemed perfect because "everyone got along."

The founder explained that she wanted other children to experience that joy on their birthday. 

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