Longtime pastor, former Philadelphia Eagle, Rev. Herbert Lusk II dies at 69

Rev. Herbert Lusk II Image courtesy of goallevents.com

Rev. Herbert Lusk II passed away on Monday at his Society Hill, Philadelphia, home after a battle with cancer. The 69-year-old preacher spent numerous years working at Greater Exodus Baptist Church.

Rev. Lusk Loves His Career Ministry

The Rev. Lusk, a former running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, truly gave up his NFL career to concentrate entirely on preaching. And in October 1977, after scoring a touchdown, he became the first player to kneel and pray in the end zone.

Despite his cancer battle, Rev. Lusk still found glamor and sparkle in serving God. He also says that while he still loves football, his profession in ministry is more crucial. Lusk stated in an interview that after joining Greater Exodus for four decades, the various ministries he has been engaged in stand out to him.

Rev. Lusk Will be Remembered

People who have interacted with Rev. Lusk have told about their experiences and shared the good sides of the pastor. 

According to US Representative Dwight Evans, Pastor Lusk is decent and spiritual. He was indeed a benefit to both Philadelphia and the country. North Philadelphia and the entire city lost a great friend with the pastor's passing, said President Darrell L. Clarke, a source posted. 

Wilkes said he has the utmost regard for Lusk because of his dedication to North Philadelphia and his relentless drive to make the world a better place during those years.

Rev. Mark Tyler further mentioned that although he and Lusk hold different political viewpoints, they share the trait of being Black clergymen. They didn't need to disparage one another while having opposing views. Tyler said that regarding Rev. Lusk's decision to offer live Easter services in April 2020, the latter paid attention to his advice.

Rev. Tyler was aware of his cancer battle and was impressed by Lusk's statement that it wouldn't bother him if he passed very soon.

The "Praying Tailback"

Because of his habit of kneeling in the end zone after scoring touchdowns, Pastor Lusk gained notoriety throughout the country during his NFL playing days as the "Praying Tailback." Lusk gave the NFL a three-year commitment before leaving voluntarily to pursue ministry studies.

Lusk claims that after he injured his knees in junior college, the doctors told him he would never be able to play football again. He yet put his faith in God and prayed for healing every day. He claimed that kneeling to the ground after a goal was a way for him to thank God for allowing him to keep playing.

Lusk recovered well, but because professional scouts were worried about his knee, he fell in the selection. Vermeil had an empty cupboard with the Eagles and was searching for talent. He selected Lusk with choice number 273, knowing him from his coaching days.

It was apparent that Lusk had the skills to play in the NFL when he arrived with the moniker "The Praying Tailback." Lusk retired to focus entirely on the church just as the team began to appear like a contender.

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