Mountain View Community Church announces mission trip to Romania

Mountain View Community Church. (credit to Mountain View Community Church FB page)

Mountain View Community Church announces plans for a mission trip to Romania. It schedules an informational meeting about its 2022 mission trip on Oct. 31 at 12:15 p.m. Fireside Room. 

2022 Mission Trip to Romania 

Mountain View Community Church is organizing a mission trip to Romania. In line with this, it arranges an informational meeting for Oct. 31. As per its Facebook page, Mountain View Community Church welcomes everyone interested in the trip. It hopes to see participants at 12:15 p.m at the Fireside Room for a day of planning and ideas.

Core Practices of MVCC 

Mountain View Community Church identifies its core practices as Worshiping (prizing God), Connect (authentic relationships), Reach (loving like Jesus), Grow (become like Jesus), and Serve (living generously). These core practices are stated on its website

A Life of Reach 

For Mountain View Community Church, these core practices are summarized as spiritual, God's desire, a life that touches others, concerned with the welfare of others, and confidence. 


Central to the church's mission is the call of Scripture to Reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a definite and clear calling for Mountain View Community Church. 

God's Desire

Still, from its webpage, believers are God's representatives on earth tasked to share the Gospel of Christ with the lost and fallen world. 

Life that Touches Others 

According to the MVCC core practices, a believer engaged in the practice of Reach will possess a concern for and be in a relationship with non – believers. 

Concerned with the welfare of others

A Life of Reach is a life with concern for the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of others. 


People who reach display a degree of confidence that grows from maturity and passion for seeing the Kingdom of God prosper. 

Romania, Religion

Romania is a country in southern Europe. According to, it was occupied by Soviet troops in 1944 and in 1948. From 1948 – 1989 Romania was under communist rule. 

It was only in 1990 that free elections were held.  Romania, in terms of religious affiliation as of 2011, has Roman Orthodox as the primary religion. It is 86.5 percent of the population. 

Meanwhile, Roman Catholic comes second at 4.6 percent. According to World Atlas, 6 percent of the total population makes up the Protestants in Romania. The majority of them are reformed, which comprise 3 percent of the people. 

Still from the World Atlas, Romania is a secular state without a state or official religion. Nonetheless, the country is predominantly Christian, with over 80 percent of its population identifying as Orthodox Christians. 

Some notable religious practices are Roman Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, and Greek Catholicism.

Pentecostals are at 1.8 percent. Other Protestant groups in Romania include Baptists, Lutheran Churches, and Seventh-day Adventists, among others. The Baptist population is at 0.6 percent, as indicated in At the same time, other religions comprise 2.3 percent of the people. 

On the other hand, Germans in Romania mostly follow the Augustan Confession Evangelicals. 


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