Pathway Bible Church offers several courses to help students grow in God’s faith

Official seal of Pathway Bible Church in Fremont. (Photo taken from the official website of Pathway Bible Church)

Pathway Bible Church in Fremont, CA offers several courses to prospective students to help them grow in God’s faith with their Pathway University. Through their four courses, students would be able to discover Pathway Church, and spiritual growth, among others. 

Four Courses

Discover Pathway is the membership class that will teach students the fundamentals of what it means to be a part of the Pathway church family. 

In this session, the doctrine, philosophy, and organizational framework of the church will be discussed. It aims to educate prospective members about the church's identity and the responsibilities of membership. 

Meanwhile, according to the church's post, the seven-week workshop titled "Discover Spiritual Growth" will focus on teaching participants how to "feed" themselves spiritually through the practice of life journaling. 

Along with a supplementary book titled The Divine Mentor, participants in the workshop will receive a Life Journal booklet to take home with them.

Also, the course entitled "Discover Your Ministry" will last for a total of six weeks and will focus on the five distinct components (SHAPE) that God provided for everyone and equipped them with in order for them to be able to fulfill the "Kingdom purposes." 

Each registered attendee will receive a participant guide as part of their welcome pack.

The students will next participate in further "Discover Your Mission" sessions lasting for another six weeks in order to prepare them to proclaim the gospel in accordance with the design that God has given them. 

The students will also be given a participant guide so they can learn about the topics they will have. 

In the meantime, the most important instrument that they use to assist people in their spiritual development at Pathway is called Life Journaling

As stated by the church, it is a program that involves daily journaling and reading of the Bible, and a class called Discover Spiritual Growth (Divine Mentor) is provided on a consistent basis to teach participants how to keep a life journal.

About Pathway Bible Church

Pathway Bible Church is a place that accepts or welcomes someone with or without flaws. All of them were simply regular people who had questions and problems before they discovered God and his son Jesus and received eternal life as a result.

According to the church’s website, they believe that God is transforming their lives via the work of his Holy Spirit, which they encounter in the proclamation of God's Word and the activities of a real community. 

As a result, they have faith that God is working in their favor. Pathway said it is always ready to assist individuals in taking the next step in their spiritual journey and to guide them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, regardless of where they currently are on their personal spiritual path.

Worship at Pathway

Everyone can count on receiving a warm greeting, active service, and instruction that is pertinent to their needs. 

They come together as a group as a church in order to worship Jesus and for the purpose of discipleship. They do this by listening to the Bible read aloud about Jesus, worshiping Jesus through music and giving, and serving one another through community and prayer.

Their congregation includes people of all different ages, walks of life, and musical preferences.

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