Radiance Christian Church to show appreciation to church servants

Servant’s Appreciation of Radiance Christian Church will be held at Spark Social SF. (Photo taken from the official website of Radiance Christian Church)

Radiance Christian Church in San Francisco will hold "Servant’s Appreciation" on Friday, Aug. 19, at 6:30 p.m. at Spark Social SF. 

Servant’s Appreciation at Spark Social SF

The congregation of Radiance Christian Church wishes to express their gratitude to the members of the church staff. Everyone who has served faithfully over the course of the previous year is welcome to attend this event.

According to the church's announcement, the event for the servants' appreciation will be held at Spark Social SF, and there will be a food stipend for everyone to enjoy the food trucks and an optional round of mini golf for those who are interested.

It also stated that Radiance also asks attendees to keep an eye out for the large cabanas that belong to their church, as the organization has rented a separate area for their event.

The gathering of the church will take place directly across the street from where Sparks Social SF will be held. In addition, they request that anyone who is interested in attending can register for the event so that the staff can prepare the appropriate quantity of food stipends.

All the information stated above is available on the church’s website, where they can register online to participate and attend the event. 

Spark Social SF

Located in the middle of the Mission Bay neighborhood in San Francisco is where people will find the food truck park, beer and sangria garden, and event space known as Spark Social SF.

According to its website, Spark Social SF staff work together with more than 150 distinct street food vendors to produce an entirely new dining experience each and every day.

They are also motivated by the desire to facilitate easy and welcoming opportunities for anyone and everyone to chow down and congregate, igniting a sense of community and celebrating cultural exploration through the mediums of food, fresh air, and enjoyable activities.

About Radiance Christian Church

The mission of Radiance Christian Church is to cultivate believers who are filled with the Holy Spirit and have a burning desire to know Jesus Christ and to spread the news about Him.

Radiance has the vision to spread the message of Jesus Christ from the city to the rest of the world by changing lives, establishing communities, influencing cultures, reclaiming nations, and bringing about restoration and justice.

According to its website, they have a vision of molding the culture in which they live by the way in which they go about their work, interact with others, care for their families, and pursue the purpose and calling that God has given them.

Community Groups, Spiritual Growth at Radiance

Radiance's community groups are the "best places" to cultivate a deeper spiritual life and make genuine connections with other people, according to the church. 

They hold the belief that the local church is at its healthiest when smaller groups of believers and seekers get together outside of the Sunday service for the purposes of prayer, discussion, and sharing their lives together.

Radiance also cares about spiritual growth. Classes are offered to help students grow in their understanding of God and others as well as the emphasis they place on discipleship.

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