Redwood Chapel to host marriage retreat in November

Exterior view of Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley, CA. (Photo taken from the official website of Redwood Chapel)

Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley, California will hold a marriage retreat on Friday, Nov. 4, at Hyatt Regency Monterey Resort & Spa in Monterey. 

Marriage Retreat

According to Redwood Chapel, the partnerships that are most successful in terms of happiness are those in which both partners make a concerted effort to acquire competencies that enable them to weather challenging times and confidently deal with relationship issues.

Because of that, Redwood Chapel will host a marriage retreat this November, as part of the Weekend to Remember event. 

According to the church's post, the weekend retreat starts on Friday night and lasts until midday on Sunday. The event will consist of instructive group sessions as well as time for the attendees to spend alone with their spouses. 

Also, Redwood Chapel is under the impression that couples who attend Weekend to Remember are prepared to invest in their marriage and make a concerted effort to come closer together as one. 

During this time away, they will gain a better understanding of the design that God has provided for marriage, which will allow them to leave a remarkable legacy. 

The congregation also disclosed that after one weekend, their relationships were rated as having improved on average from a score of 4 out of 10 to a score of 8. 

As per the post, there will never be a time when somebody will be required to discuss private aspects of their relationship with another person. 

Each couple will work on a unique project that is intended to reawaken their passion for one another and keep the fire alive.

Date Night at Redwood Chapel

Redwood Chapel will also host a date night for spouses on Wednesdays, Oct. 7 and Nov. 11, at the church's campus. 

Redwood Chapel is aware of the importance of date nights for maintaining successful marriages. 

Nevertheless, it can be difficult for couples to carve out the time and come up with creative ideas for a fun and meaningful evening spent with their partners.

As per another post, at each and every Date Night, there will be a delicious supper, a sweet treat, and engaging activities. It applies to marriages of any age and those who have young children will have access to a childcare center. 

The congregation has the conviction that married couples won't want to pass up the chance to socialize with one another and have a good time at the event.

About Redwood Chapel

Redwood Chapel's mission is to create, develop, and expand communities of people from all walks of life who are growing together in their pursuit of a life centered on the gospel while living in a community with one another.

They also provide the tools that parents need to bring up their children according to the Lord's discipline and instruction. 

According to its website, marriage, pre-marriage, parenting, and activities for families are some of the areas in which Redwood Chapel focuses its ministry. 

They acknowledge that not every family dynamic is the same, and that many of them are single parents or spiritually single parents, but despite this, they have a strong desire to work together in order to bring up the next generation.

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