United Church of Hayward supports South Hayward Parish, FESCO to assist community

Members of United Church of Hayward protested for the Black Lives Matter campaign. (Photo taken from the official website of United Church of Hayward)

United Church of Hayward (UCH) in California supports another parish, South Hayward Parish, and the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO) in providing assistance to people in need, especially the homeless and seniors. 

Outreach Programs

The mission of the United Church of Hayward to serve as Christ's hands and feet in their community is deeply ingrained in the institution's culture. 

They were one of the founding congregations of the SHP and an early supporter of FESCO, and they have been a part of the history of Hayward since the church was established in 1959.

According to the church post, the SHP and FESCO continue to accomplish essential work, and the UCH remains committed to supporting their efforts by donating funds and volunteer labor. 

Their members volunteer their time to serve on boards, attend meetings of the city council, tutor GED students and help keep the food pantry filled with supplies. 

They also support SHP's efforts to find lasting solutions for the homeless, and they aid the Family Resource Collective in providing access to healthcare, education, meals for older citizens, and other essential services.

The post also stated that homeless families can get shelter from FESCO, along with the help they need to take steps toward being self-sufficient. 

In addition, the Eden Interfaith Council is a part of their outreach programs; this is doubly useful in their efforts to support their Muslim Brothers and Sisters who live in the area.

They also offer a welcoming line and a shield for attendees of the Lambda Gay Prom, and they teach people how to be better stewards of creation at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

Healing Circle

The UCH Healing Circle is comprised of a group of individuals who get together once a month, at this time through the use of Zoom, to join together in order to direct healing energy, also known as God's love, to the individuals. 

As per the post, since October 2003, Healing Circle has been meeting regularly, and participation is open to everyone who fulfills the one and only criteria, which is an openness to the opportunities that God has made available to them. 

Healing Circle is intended to be a space that is free from judgment and welcoming to anybody who participates.

UCH is interested in uniting souls with a shared objective of helping the healing of the afflictions of the body, mind, and spirit as well as the world. 

About United Church of Hayward

A congregation that is a part of the United Church of Christ and is called United Church of Hayward is described as having a family-sized membership, open and affirming, having an emphasis on justice, being involved in the community, theologically inquiring, and being guided by the Holy Spirit. 

According to the church, they believe that they are bound to help make Hayward a better place by ministering to the elderly in the South Hayward community, providing support to the FESCO, the Sulphur Creek Nature Center, and the South Hayward Parish, which helps the homeless and a family resource collective. 

They also devote a significant amount of time to the study of the scriptures, expressing gratitude to one another, asking other theological questions, providing support for one another, and listening to the voice of God.

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