Unity San Francisco to host retreat for members of Unity communities

Unity San Francisco will hold a retreat at the Unity Village next year. (Photo taken from the official website of Unity Church SF)

Unity San Francisco will hold the Unity Village Retreat event to gather the community from April 27 to 29, 2023 at the Unity Village.

The church believes the event would be life-changing for the attendees as they interact with other members. 

Unity Village Retreat

Come Home to Unity is a retreat hosted at Unity Village in April and led by Unity Church.

According to the church's post, the retreat will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those participating in the interactive and engaging encounter. 

They will dig into the 'Absolute Abundance' teaching with members of other Unity Communities from around the country and discover the splendor of Unity Village.

It also stated that Unity feels that while plenty of spaces are available at the retreat, there are fewer opportunities to stay on the premises in one of their old AirBnBs. 

As a result, they have established a sign-up list in order to rent the two historic homes that they have booked.

As the post mentioned, members of Unity San Francisco will be eligible for a discount of 20 percent off the cost of the retreat. It is anticipated that they will continue their weekend together by staying and celebrating on April 30. 

Therefore, if they consider going, the church strongly suggests that they reserve their space as soon as possible, even if there were no requirements for a deposit.

All the information stated above is available on the church's website, where they can contact one of their staff and register.

"Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself"

The Unity Church's "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" series is an ongoing event, as Rev. Ken Daigle hosts the 5-week book study. 

According to another post, the church encourages everyone to join into this ever-evolving and forward-thinking book with a lively group of other Truth students led by Rev. Daigle.

The post stated that challenges to the deeply held beliefs would be a central focus of this study, which will also feature online chats, large and small groups discussions, and more.

In addition, they will be doing guided meditations in class and to utilize at home during the week.

Anyone can register for a class online. 

About Unity Church SF

Unity San Francisco is a thriving spiritual community that welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 

They meet together in order to respect and celebrate the Divine Potential that resides in each individual member of the group.

An accepting and interfaith method of sharing, learning, and exploring spirituality with children is offered at Unity San Francisco under the name "In Play."

According to the church's website, it is a place that is routinely dedicated, but has just a light structure. It allows families to talk about God, traditions, faith, spirituality, and the ideals of Unity.

It also mentioned that these Spiritual Playdates do not prescribe particular traditions or ideas; rather, they cultivate respectful and engaging discussions surrounding these complicated themes.

They also help children build the tools they need to learn from others throughout their lives constructively.

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