Valley Bible Church in Hayward to hold sweet-themed program for guests

Valley Bible Church in Hayward will hold Candy Kingdom 2022. (Photo taken from the official website of the Valley Bible Church)

Valley Bible Church (VBC) in California will hold Candy Kingdom 2022, a candy-themed program, on Monday, Oct. 31, at 6 p.m. The event is available for walk-thru or drive-thru at the church campus.

Candy Kingdom 2022

Valley Bible Church invited everyone to join them and enjoy the sweetest place in town and discover that nothing is sweeter than Jesus. 

The invitation is extended through their walk-thru experience. The guests will have the opportunity to stroll down a number of different candy-filled Treat Trails while also receiving candies at various points along the journey. 

According to the church's announcement, the Treat Trails feature locations such as Jellybean Jungle, Redvines Ridge, Corn Fields, Lifesaver Falls, Peppermint Palace, Candy Castle, and Cow Tale Corral. 

They will also have a good time at the brand-new Candy Kingdom Around the World Treat Trail, which features candies from a variety of countries, including Italy, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and many others. 

In addition to that, there will be a Tiny Tot Treat Trail set up in their nursery for all of the younger children who are between the ages of zero to two.

Meanwhile, with their drive-thru experience, everyone will have a great time as they drive around the Candy Kingdom National Parks, taking in the wonders of locations like the 100 Grand Canyon, Mentos Mountains, El Capitan Crunch, Mt. Gushmore, and Lollipop Lake, all the while collecting candy along the way, as per the announcement. 

Valley Bible Church Kids

VBC Kids is geared toward children as young as infants and as old as fifth graders. Awana Club is also available for sixth graders to join during the week. 

The goal of the VBC Kids is to introduce children to Jesus, to help them mature in their relationship with him, and to share the love that he has for the world.

As stated on its website, the check-in for children takes place in the lobby of the Worship Center. 

Children worship together during the main service and are dismissed before the sermon. 

During VBC Kids Sundays, they have a great time making new friends and participating in exciting Bible experiences, musical activities, games, and other fun activities.

About Valley Bible Church

Valley Bible Church believes they are not a building but rather a group of broken individuals who are striving to bring glory to God. 

They see themselves as being quite similar to a hospital in that they help and tend to those who are ill. 

VBC has had a fruitful ministry for more than 45 years, and throughout that time it has become a place where people can find answers to challenging problems and find a place where they are accepted and part of a family.

As per the website, VBC is a community church that adheres to the teachings of the Bible and is non-denominational. It is situated in Hercules, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

At VBC, everyone would encounter hospitable people, a distinctive blend of worship music that will appeal to any musical preference with an emphasis on praising the Lord together, and expository preaching delivered in an atmosphere that is both entertaining and stimulating.

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