First Baptist Maryville to welcome 7th Grade students for new school year

Incoming 7th Grade students are invited for 7th Grade Welcome Week at First Baptist Maryville. (Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels)

First Baptist Church Maryville will host the "7th Grade Welcome Week" on Aug. 20, Saturday, for kids moving up to 7th grade. The event will begin at noon and is expected to end at 8 p.m.

Moving Up to 7th Grade 

First Baptist Church Maryville expressed its excitement to welcome students as they formally enter fbmstudents. According to its announcement, it will hold a 7th Grade Welcome Week event. 

It requested students and parents to join on Promotion Sunday on Aug.14. The event will begin at 10:30 a.m. in the Student Center for Small Groups and Student Worship. 

They also invite students and parents to come to the 7th Grade Welcome Week event on Aug. 20, Saturday, starting noon until 8 p.m. Parents are requested to join from noon until 1 p.m. 

Attendees will eat lunch together, discover more about fbmstudents, and start their journey with games and excitement. The First Baptist Church Maryville provided a link for registration on its website. 

FBM Students’ Ministry 

As per its website, the ministry’s purpose is to uphold the mission of the First Baptist Church Maryville. This mission is to honor Jesus Christ, equip and encourage people, and reach out to all who do not know Christ.

The ministry serves students from 7th to 12th grade. Students gather on Sundays in the student area after the 10:30 a.m. service. 

Together, they attend morning of worship, games, and small group Bible study. The fbmstudents midweek gathering happens in person. 

It is every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. All must wear masks and bring their Bibles for an exciting night of fellowship.  

First Baptist Church Maryville shared that the month is an event-filled month for all kids and teens. It organized events, especially for these young members of the church. 

Aside from Promotion Sunday and 7th Grade Welcome Week, it also lined up other events or activities scheduled for Aug. 

Aside from the mentioned events above, the church will hold Color War, Amped, and Kidizen Sunday, Awana Leader Training, and Awana.

Awana Leader Training’s registration begins on Aug. 31, while registration for Awana opens on Sept. 7. 

About First Baptist Church Maryville 

According to its Facebook page, services at the church happen on Sundays at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. The First Baptist Church Maryville began in a small church building on Main Street. 

There were 36 people in attendance. This number grew to more than 1,500 individuals attending service on Sundays. 

First Baptist Church Maryville describes its worship services as multi-generational, providing various ways to get involved and offering something for all.

Furthermore, it offers engaging and practical messages. First Baptist Church Maryville is a place to start over.

Small Groups at FBMaryville 

As shared on the same website, Small Groups at FBMaryville are vital to one’s spiritual growth and development. These groups may meet at the church, at another member’s house, or in the local coffee shop. 

Small Groups at First Baptist Church Maryville caters to all age groups. One of these Small Groups is NextGen. 

As stated on the website, this group is for the church’s preschoolers, kids, pre-teens, and students. It is intentionally programmed for a child’s age and Grade.


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