Fuller Theological Seminary announces launching of MA in Chaplaincy program to provide holistic training

Fuller Theological Seminary launched MA in Chaplaincy based in Houston, Texas, to provide holistic training for chaplains. Image: Priscilla Du Preez|Unsplash

Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, recently launched its M.A. in Chaplaincy program to offer holistic training for chaplains seeking knowledge expansion in spiritual care. 

A report says Houston will serve as the home base for the M.A. in Chaplaincy, with most of the required study done via distance learning. Occasionally, students will travel to the Fuller Texas campus for intensives designed to promote collaborative, in-person learning and self-reflection with their cohort.

Launching of MA in Chaplaincy

The M.A. in Chaplaincy is a 64-unit program for people who feel called to work as chaplains in various settings, such as hospitals, schools, prisons, and businesses. 

According to Market Watch, three professors with extensive experience in military, hospital, and law enforcement chaplaincy developed the degree.

President David Emmanuel Goatley of Fuller Theological Seminary said that with the addition of an M.A. in Chaplaincy, the school demonstrates a continued dedication to meeting the needs of the church and the broader community.

"This new program being launched from our campus in the global city of Houston, Texas, offers a diverse range of courses that incorporate real-world contexts as textual resources," added Goatley, as quoted in the report. 

The rigorous curriculum covers all 31 core skills recognized by U.S. chaplaincy certifying bodies. They include the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and the Association of Professional Chaplains.

For Jaclyn Williams, an assistant professor at Fuller, chaplaincy requires people to live in the moment with themselves and others while listening for and responding to God's leading.

Due to Houston's rich cultural and theological diversity, the students can actively participate in this richness as they continue to grow and develop in preparation for their future careers.

Per the report, the unique emphasis of the program on the chaplain's health and well-being equips students with the tools they need to have long, fruitful careers in ministry.

About Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary, an evangelical, multidenominational graduate school, trains various Christian leaders worldwide. 

Fuller is redefining the seminary experience to create a worldwide learning community where leaders can access Fuller's regular graduate programs, non-degree courses through FULLER Equip, and free resources from FULLER studio.

The unique blending of Fuller's four primary disciplines, headquartered in the School of Mission and Theology and the School of Psychology & Marital and Family Therapy, prepares leaders for creative, nuanced, and intellectually grounded service in various positions and circumstances.

Programs at Fuller

According to the website, students at Fuller come from all over the world, representing 80 different countries and 113 different religious traditions. 

The 44,000 Fuller graduates are making a difference as ministers, therapists, thought leaders, scholars, artists, advocates, chaplains, and marketplace leaders.

Fuller's degree programs are offered by the two distinct yet integrated institutions. 

The School of Mission and Theology trains church and community leaders in theological reasoning, missiology, and biblical studies. Meanwhile, Fuller's School of Psychology & Marital and Family Therapy trains psychologists and marriage and family therapists with a unique blend of psychology and spirituality.

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