Holy Innocents School awaits multimillion-dollar expansion to teach more grade levels

Archbp. José Gomez approved the three-phase multimillion-dollar expansion project in June 2022 to accommodate more students. mage: MChe Lee|Unsplash

It was announced this week that the Holy Innocents School in West Long Beach would be able to demolish its existing buildings and construct new, larger ones.

The project is part of a three-phase, multimillion-dollar expansion project approved by the Planning Commission. The upgrade will allow for other grade levels to be added shortly.

According to the school's website, Archbp. José Gomez approved the expansion of the school in June 2022. 

Building a Multimillion-dollar New Campus 

Press-Telegram reported that builders would demolish the current structures on the Holy Innocents School to make way for the new construction of a church, rectory, school gym, two convents, a parish office, a school building, and a school office. 

The news outlet said Holy Innocents School only provides education up to the eighth grade, but they could also offer high school with the extension.

However, before developers can file for building permits and begin construction, the City Council must approve a section of the proposal that requires Long Beach to vacate an alley located on the project site.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Ortega, VP of Sagecrest Planning and Environmental, said they currently have fundraising efforts to help meet the construction needs. She also stated they could do the designs and submit them to the council for approval once they have collected enough funds.

Three-phase Construction Approach for the New Buildings

The news report disclosed that the library and administration offices would make up the project's first phase. Before the second stage of construction, the existing parish hall and convent would remain unaltered. 

Per the report, in the second phase, the contractor would build a commercial office building with a total area of 9,414 square feet to house a gym, a small kitchen, a theatrical stage, and several restrooms.

The roughly 20,000-square-foot church, new rectory, two convents, and parish office would all be part of the third and final phase of construction. 

The news outlet added that the total construction would increase the number of available parking spaces by 93.

About Holy Innocents School 

Holy Innocents School provides children and their families an education based on the Catholic, classical liberal arts tradition. 

As stated on its website, Catholic education's best-kept secret is that institutions nationwide are thriving after rediscovering and updating the church's approach to the classical liberal arts and sciences. 

The students are empowered by the truth that makes them free, a product of Carmelite spirituality that encourages a personal relationship with Christ. They hope to provide students of all faiths with an education beyond preparing them for college and a profession.

For Holy Innocents, school is a significant factor in a young person's development, preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.

School's Parish 

Los Angeles' Roman Catholic Archdiocese maintains Holy Innocents Church as one of its parishes. 

Per the website, the church has been there for a while, and its location in the "Snoop Dogg" area makes it well-known. 

The modest mission-style chapel has stood the test of time at the intersection of 425 East 20th St. and Pasadena Avenue.

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