Coordinator of Parish Community Nurse Ministry

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In collaboration with SJ&O Team, responsible for developing, training, maintaining and evaluating the Parish Community Nurse Ministry. The Parish Community Nurse will handle record-keeping and documentation of all activities of the ministry in accordance with HIPAA regulation, maintaining confidentiality. The Parish Community Nurse will work with the ministry team to provide the following services for the parish community.


As an integrator of faith and health, promotes an understanding of the relationship of body, mind and spirit and the role of values, attitudes, lifestyle and faith. As a parish ministry, the Parish Community Nurse will offer spiritual care and support through:

  • Prayer, presence and active listening.
  • Spiritual assessment.
  • Referral to appropriate ministries and staff members.
  • Reframing, encouragement and reassurance.
  • Facilitates and trains facilitators for support groups such as caregiver, cancer, grief support groups.

As a health educator, promotes a healthy lifestyle through health screenings, educational programs, newsletters, health fairs and monitoring, and improving health practices within the parish:

  • Provide parish health fairs/events.
  • Make health information available in church bulletins, in display format and pamphlet format.
  • Work with parish staff to provide a series of educational sessions directed to issues affecting the whole parish and community at large.
  • Participates as a member of the Behavioral Health Initiative Team.

As personal health counselor, discusses health issues and concerns with individuals and families, helping them explore ways to cope more effectively with:

  • Physical problems, emotional struggle and safety concerns.
  • Stressful life transitions.
  • Navigator of healthcare system and resources.
  • Clarification of medical diagnoses, lab results and medications.

As an advocate, promotes local, state and national endeavors related to health issues: smoking, pandemic flu preparation, cancer awareness and:

  • Participates in parish endeavors to address social justice issues.
  • Reports abuse and neglect issues to the appropriate individual/agency.
  • Assists with values clarification around important decisions such as end of life issues.

As facilitator of ministers, recruits, trains and supervises ministers for various health-related activities within the parish:

  • First Aid training for Hospitality Ministers.
  • Preparation of ministers for multiple health related and education events.
  • Health screening within the parish.
  • Schedules nurses for weekend masses and other parish functions.
  • Maintains medical equipment and first aid supplies.
  • Coordinates and supports the Prayer Shawl Ministry.
  • In collaboration with the Coordinator of Social Justice and Outreach, coordinates and supports the Senior Ministry.



  • Possess unencumbered Registered Nurse License in the State of Arizona.
  • Masters degree preferred; BSN required; minimum five years experience as an RN.
  • Community health nursing experience preferred.
  • Certificate in Parish Nurse Preparation Course required (Will help ascertain once hired).
  • Knowledge of community health resources; knowledge of current nursing practice as outlined in the American Nurses Association: Faith Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice.
  • Carry professional liability insurance.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organization skills.
  • Ability to work independently, set schedules, prioritize tasks and work with other ministers and staff in a team environment.
  • Working knowledge of computer applications including G-suite and Microsoft Office software.
  • Knowledge of Catholic Church vision, teachings, structure and policies.
  • Complete and Maintain Diocesan Safe Environment Training as required by the Diocese.
  • Knowledge of all diocesan guidelines and procedures.
  • Must possess a valid Arizona Driver’s License and own personal transportation.

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