Canyon Springs Church holds Coffee House Christmas: sip, shop,support

Coffee House Christmas at Canyon Springs Church. (Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels)

Canyon Springs Church holds Coffee House Christmas on Nov. 13th, 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m at The Cove – church’s grounds. Canyon Springs Church invites everyone to spread love and generosity through Coffee House Christmas as Christmas is coming.

Indoor, Outdoor Market Experience 

Christmas is near; Canyon Springs Church launches Coffee House Christmas. This event features an indoor/outdoor experience for holiday shopping needs. As per its webpage, the church aims to provide an avenue where shoppers can make meaningful purchases. 

Local artisans present at the event

One can come to the event on Nov. 13th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at The Cove, Canyon Springs Church located at 9889 Hibert St # A, San Diego, CA 92131. 

Its name Coffee House Christmas, sip, shop, support matches perfectly with its purpose. The church encourages everyone to invite a friend or two, share a coffee, listen to music, have some fun, and do a little shopping that supports those who need them. 

The vendors in the events help widows, single mothers, women, and children rescued from human trafficking, refugees, the disenfranchised, and orphans. Still from its webpage, the church invites everyone to sip a Starbucks fair trade coffee drink and “Shop with a Purpose.” 

Coffee House Christmas will feature singer-songwriter and worship leader from North County, San Diego – Lauren Grace. 

The Vendors

The church gives a list of the vendors for Fair Trade. These vendors include Pasta Mamas, Refuge for Women, Trades of Hope, and The Global Trunk. Fair World, Purpose Jewelry, Heavenly Treasures, and Malia Designs

Refuge for Women

As per its website, Refuge for Women provides specialized extended-term care for women who have escaped sexual exploitation or human trafficking. The organization also identifies itself as a faith-based and non – profit organization. 

Refuge Women has multiple locations in the United States. The organization offers free safe housing 24 – hour care as clients progress through evidence-based, trauma-informed programming for a year. 

Moreover, the organization aspires to assist women in completing the program with a plan for her future, equip herself to succeed and sustain her life with hope and dignity. 

Trades of Hope 

As indicated on its webpage, Trades of Hope is a mother-daughter team. With the knowledge of factors that force women to give up their kids to orphanages, reasons that keep them in poverty, factors that make them at high risk of being trafficked, and social oppression, the founders decided to use the privilege they have to make a platform. 

Trades of Hope is this platform. It created an opportunity for women to know what they were capable of. According to the website, such women taught the founders that they do not need charity. Instead, they want an opportunity. 

The Global Trunk 

The Global Trunk mission is to give opportunities for indigenous artisans from around the globe by bringing handcrafted, repurposed, and fair-trade products into the global market. The communities in need benefit from all the TGT sales. According to its webpage, a percentage of all TGT are donated to such communities. 


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