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Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

The Office of National Mission (ONM) coordinates and supports domestic ministries that serve congregations and schools through the districts of the Synod (Bylaw The LCMS Church Planting Initiative is the implementation of a process-based approach to promoting, supporting, and managing domestic church planting on a large scale.

Reporting Relationships
Reports to the Managing Director of Church Planting, Renewal and Support
Essential Job Functions
Collaborates and contributes to the design, delivery and implementation of Church Planting Initiative projects and programs with other ONM staff members, as arranged, assigned and supervised by the Managing Director of Church Planting, Renewal and Support.
Supervises the work of Church Planting Initiative contractors.
Oversees, mentors and coaches ONM-endorsed local church planting teams (i.e., Implementation Teams and Review Teams).
Leads collaboration and coordination within Synod offices and operating units, other Synod agencies (i.e. districts, synodwide corporate entities such as LCEF or LCMS Foundation, etc.) recognized service organizations, auxiliaries and other Synod partners and stakeholders in participation and support of the Church Planting Initiative.
Promotes the Church Planting Initiative among districts, circuits, congregations, and other LCMS entities.
Provides leadership, coordination and content contribution in the design and development of a broad-impact national grant program in support of the LCMS Church Planting Initiative.
Supervises and supports the development and implementation of intensive training protocols and processes for church planting teams, assisting and advising other ONM staff and/or contractors.
Identifies, develops and maintains admissions criteria and qualifications for church planting team members.
Develops and maintains operational guidelines for church planting teams that coordinate with other Church Planting Initiative protocols and processes.
Identifies and develops responses to needs for continuing training and support for church planting teams (following the initial intensive training).
Participates in and contributes to the design, development, and implementation of various processes, protocols, training and other activities pertaining to the Church Planting Initiative.
Promotes the Church Planting Initiative and encourages church planting grant applications from entities within targeted stakeholder audiences.
Participates in the review, analysis, and determination of church planting grant requests.
Mentors and coaches church planting team members and also recruits, trains, and oversees additional church planting team mentors and coaches.
Evaluates execution of the Church Planting Initiative protocols and processes for continuous process improvement.
Carries out other projects and assignments as assigned by the Managing Director of Church Planting, Renewal, and Support.
Education and Experience
An ordained minister of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions.
A member in good-standing of a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation.
Supportive of the Synod’s constitution, bylaws and policies and familiar with the structure, polity, organization, and procedures of the Synod.
A minimum of 10 years of parish experience, with special consideration given to time serving in a church planting role.
A working knowledge of and interest in the discipline of church planting.
Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)
Visionary and proactive leader able to work creatively and innovatively within the framework of the Church Planting Initiative.
Self-starter with ability to work in, adapt to, and help shape a dynamic working environment.
Ability to work with and collaborate with persons and stakeholders in various ministries and services in the Synod.
Ability to function as a member of the team developing and implementing criteria and processes in support of the Church Planting Initiative.
Ability to coach and mentor church planting teams executing the processes of the Church Planting Initiative.

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