Director of Operations, Rural Parish Clinic

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Our Mission:
In response to the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Rural Parish Clinic serves people in need of primary medical and dental care in rural communities within the Archdiocese of St. Louis through mobile medical and dental clinics. The Rural Parish Clinic serves uninsured, income qualifying persons regardless of faith who live in rural Missouri.

Position Summary:
The Director of Operations is a full-time leadership position committed to the Mission, Values and Standards of Behavior of the Rural Parish Clinic of the Archdiocese of St. Louis (RPC). The position is responsible for leading, improving, evolving, expanding and integrating operations, internal and external partnerships, funding and policy-making of the RPC. The Director of Operations works in partnership with the CEO/CMO of the RPC, RPC Board Members and management to support medical and dental service delivery, fundraising and administrative functional activities, encouraging and educating at all levels of the organization to safeguard the RPC ministry and ensure continuity and success.

The position is responsible for overseeing quality and safety standard development, and upholding the RPC’s mission in an environment of well-being and dignity towards its patients and providers. Contributes to creating a culture of Performance Improvement and to a learning environment that empowers, enriches, and supports all associates in order to provide high-quality services to the most vulnerable in our society.

Provides oversight, direction and coordination of ministry funding activities, strategy and expansion, and internal and external support services including participation, support and/or direction of doctor, dentist, nursing and administrative and clerical staff on a daily basis.

Minimum Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and5-10 years in a director-level administrative leadership role.

Strategic leadership, prior work with governing boards, and an ability to provide stability for an organization during periods of rapid growth and transition. Experienced working with multilevel information systems.

Significant experience working collaboratively with all levels of organizational leadership within and without as well as Boards, and funding and community partners.


Specialized Skills:
Minimum specific knowledge and skills necessary to perform this job:

1. Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced, distributed, expanding ministry-rooted organization

2. Demonstrated leadership and management skills

3. Demonstrated experience working with patients, families, vendors, primary and specialty healthcare providers and outside agencies.

4. Excellent interpersonal relations in managing professional and paraprofessional clinical and administrative staff

5. High level knowledge of clinical processes and documentation

Financial Responsibilities:
Collaborates with CEO/CMO and all levels of leadership to support strong and demonstrable fiscal responsibility.

Contributes to the development and management of annual goals, objectives, and departmental budget. Understands the relationship between department and Archdiocese budgets. Actively facilitates, and is accountable for, the achievement of budgeted goals, cost objectives, and the on-going evaluation of results. Ability to interpret budget reports, analyze budget performance and identify methods of productivity improvement.

Related activities may include, but are not limited to: development of capital and/or project requests, support of fundraising activities, private/corporate grant and HRSA and/or other governmental funding application available to free-clinic originations.

Specialized Leadership Qualities:
Recognizes diversity and proactive inclusion, rewards staff, fosters teamwork, and support development of leadership succession. Highly sensitive to the needs of the community, particularly to ensure access to services for the poor, uninsured and underserved.

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