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Organization Profile
The primary mission of Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) is to provide financial resources and related services for ministry, witness, and outreach of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS). In so doing it shall raise funds primarily through the issuance of corporate notes and other debt instruments. Its assets shall be used exclusively for the following: To provide financing and services for the acquisition of sites; the construction of facilities; the purchase of buildings and equipment; operating expenses; professional church worker education; the residential housing needs of professional church workers; and other purposes approved by its governing board consistent with the ministry and mission of the Synod under policies approved by the Board of Directors of the Synod.

Reporting Relationship
Senior Vice President, Marketing reports to the Chief Growth Officer.

In addition to leading the marketing strategies, the Senior Vice President, Marketing is responsible for the direction and tactical management of programs and staff in each of the following areas: marketing, production, product assessment and development, promotions, managing the deposit fund product offerings, event planning and implementation, customer data, insights, analytics, customer persona development and marketing research. The Senior Vice President, Marketing partners with peers across the organization to better serve our ministry partners, customers, and the church.

Essential Job Functions

Leading Others
Inspire team to track customer behavior, engagement, reach, and nourish partnerships while also growing and maintaining a healthy retention rate across a wide spectrum of customers.
Lead and provide direction, goals, metrics, and expectations across the Marketing department. Lead multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. Supervise activities and align strategies to the overall organizational goals.
Cultivate a streamline system to foster cross departmental partnerships and teamwork.
Continue to buildout a strategic department utilizing data, research, and ROI to best direct approaches in the field.
Implement personas and customer segmentation work to better speak and engage consumers.

Strategic Innovation and Creativity
Continue to build out buyer journey maps and create targeted messaging and campaigns. Utilize data insights and analytics to deliver superior, personalized customer experiences and measurable business results.
Work collaboratively across functional teams to understand our customers' needs and to develop marketing strategies.
Lead the creation and implementation of effective sales and marketing tools, including management and development of sales collateral, presentations, client success stories and other sales tools that reflect the LCEF brand and value proposition.
Identify new marketing opportunities by conducting quantitative and qualitative research.
Consistently provide in-depth analysis and research to Chief Growth Officer.
Build and evaluate the LCEF investment portfolio. Discard, adjust and create new investment opportunities supported by data, customer trends, insights, and demand.
Generate investments to support loan demand and consistently grow investors with LCEF through marketing channels.
Provide product development backed by research to better fine tune and offer services that meet the needs of LCEF customers and prospects.
Develop a collaborative environment and impactful partnerships with other marketing departments across the LCMS.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or equivalent.
Minimum of ten years of progressive responsibility in marketing positions.
Experience in building, managing and/or developing high-performing teams.
Experience working with media members, agencies, and consultants.
Active member of an LCMS congregation.

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)
Broad understanding of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and its organization. Desire to support the mission and ministry of the Church.
Significant knowledge of marketing principles and strategies.
Analytical and creative with a focus on data and financials along with the ability to drive creative and innovative marketing strategies. Ability to leverage data into actionable insights to create impactful marketing programs.
Deep understanding of how to position marketing to meet increasing and dynamic business demands; can prioritize and reprioritize, managing competing and changing priorities while minimizing impacts to productivity.
Outstanding communication skills, effective influencer, ability to build credibility quickly and able to provide clear direction and feedback to analytic and creative marketing people. Communicates accurately, honestly, supportively and in a timely manner. Ability to communicate effectively with various audiences including clergy and lay leadership.
Operates with authenticity, transparency and commitment; is open, direct, candid and respectful in all interactions; shows sincere interest in collaboration and understanding other points of view; works effectively with others toward common goals.
Ability to partner across departments in the development and execution of marketing and branding strategies to achieve new business growth objectives.
Ability to execute through the team, setting expectations, empowering employees and driving accountability through active engagement and inspiration. Proven success leading a cross functional staff through change; new initiatives, individual development and introduction of new tools and processes.
Understands how to encourage continuous learning in practical ways; leading team to reflect on results and outcomes, support and reward innovative thinking; actively develop team skills through experiential learning, encourage learning through testing, experimenting and smart risk taking.
Exceptional EQ and interpersonal skills. Highly collaborative team-player who will contribute to a positive environment and purpose-driven company culture.
Understands business implications of decisions. Ability to assess, evaluate and provide sound judgment in carrying out duties.
Must be willing for travel and to work evenings and weekends.

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