Assistant Manager Chance's Pie & Coffee Shop

Management Full Time

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Overview of this position: This staff position will ensure that Chance's is a well-run operation that brims with good customer service and quality coffee, pie, and other products. As Chance's is open 5 days a week, we need another individual to run our auxiliary Chance's locations (cart at main campus, Cornerstone Café).

Reports to: Associate Director, Belong Disability Ministry

FLSA Status: Exempt

Campus: Mockingbird

Working Hours: This is a part time position working no more than 20 hours per week.

Anticipated Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays, 7:30-3:30 pm (punch out for lunch required) Sundays, 7:30-12:30 pm, special events evenings and weekends (cart operation on SMU campus, catering off campus, etc.)
During certain times of the year additional hours may be necessary to meet the demands of the job. All church staff will be asked to support and serve for religious holidays and worship services including Christmas Eve and Easter.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Train and supervise the Chance's staff (employees, students, and volunteer workers) on the art of making coffee and pies & other items
  2. Create and supervise Sunday morning coffee & muffin service at Tolleson Center
  3. Create and supervise system for running and managing the Chance's Pie & Coffee Shop indoor and outdoor carts
  4. Work alongside the Full-Time Chance's Manager & Belong Associate Director as the Chance's Team
  5. Use the teaching concept of task analysis with the training of Chance's staff
  6. Support the Job Coaches who work with the students who are training at Chance's
  7. Train those who are support volunteers on the TEACCH techniques including the concept of shadowing
  8. Ensure that all support volunteers are following the mission, core values and safety protocols of the Belong DisAbility Ministry
  9. Assist the Chance's staff with the ordering process, inventory and scheduling of events
  10. Ensure that Chance's HPUMC main campus locations are clean, organized and well-run
  11. Help to create a team of Chance's staff that is confident, caring and who have strong work ethics

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Chance's Crew Members-

  1. Employees
  2. Volunteers
  3. Interns
  4. Students (TWU OT/PT Students, Jesuit College Prep, etc.)

Education and Desired Skills:


  • 4-year college degree required
  • Universal Volunteer Training
  • Food Manager's License
  • CPR certification


  • People Skills, Organization, Task Analysis and Team Player is required
  • Experience working with children and/or adults with disabilities is preferred
  • Expert writing for all age and academic levels. Proficient proofreading. Knowledge of accessing reading/writing levels for special education.
  • Occasional work with numbers, basic accounting principles. Ability to project expenses and track expenditure and provide financial statement.

Preferred Software Experience:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • G Suite (Google, Gmail, Calendar, etc...)
  • TouchPoint/light use
  • HPUMC Website
  • e-SPACE
  • Social Media
  • Knowledge of use of Communication devices, personalized for student or generalized.

Physical Demands:

☒ Sitting ☒ Standing ☒ Walking ☒ Seeing ☒ Hearing

  • ☒ Kneeling, crawling, and/or stooping ☒ Lifting/carrying up to 10 pounds

Other Qualifications: Must be a committed Christian comfortable working in a United Methodist church environment. Our employees are called to lead a life that becomes the gospel, and we expect them to exhibit appropriate demeanor both on and off the job.

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