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The Full-Time Kindergarten Teacher is a qualified professional educator who meets the requirements to teach in a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Denver. The teacher is hired by and directly accountable to the principal. The teacher is expected to abide by the policies and procedures of the local school, the Archdiocese of Denver, and the Office of Catholic Schools. The teacher cooperates with the principal and staff in providing an environment that promotes the ministry of Catholic education.

Provide cover letter, current resume, two letters of recommendation (at least one must be a professional reference) to principal Greg Caudle at

The duties and responsibilities of the Full-Time Kindergarten Teacher include but are not limited to:
Teach and act in accordance with doctrinal and moral teachings of the Catholic Church;
Know, teach, and act consistently in accordance with the mission, philosophy, objectives, policies, and procedures of Notre Dame Parish School;
Provide grade-appropriate instructional program following the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Denver, including lesson planning, classroom preparation, and assessment of each student's performance;
Provide age-appropriate extended or enrichment opportunities;
Communicate regularly with parents/guardians, colleagues, and principal;
Participate in all Archdiocese of Denver in-service and training programs, and participate in all local school-sponsored professional development and training programs and initiatives unless exempted or excused by principal;
Attend all required faculty and staff meetings, unless exempted or excused by principal;
Cooperate with the principal and staff members in school related meetings, activities, and projects;
Maintain accurate student attendance and academic records in accordance with local school policies and procedures;
Maintain a safe, orderly, and secure learning and work environment following established procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff.
Participate in annual performance review based upon the implementation of the essential duties of the teacher;
Maintain confidentiality and discretion regarding school personnel, students, and general school matters.
Perform teaching duties and all other duties as assigned by the school.

Requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree;
Requires appropriate state licensure for teaching or willingness to pursue certification through the Archdiocese of Denver Office of Catholic Schools.
Compliance with Archdiocese of Denver Safe Environment requirements.

Be a fully initiated Catholic in the communion of the Catholic Church and intentionally living out the five precepts of the Church (CCC 2041-2043);
Refrain from promotion or approval of, or the living out of, any conduct or lifestyle that would reflect discredit or disgrace on, or cause scandal in relationship to, the Archdiocese of Denver, or considered to be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine or morals;
Effective supervisory skills;
Effective listening and verbal communication skills;
Must have the necessary background and training in education methods and subject areas;
Must have an understanding of child development skills in order to relate to the students being taught;
Must have appropriate control and discipline techniques to successfully manage a classroom;
Must work cooperatively with school staff and administration;
Sound judgment and decision-making skills;
Knowledge of and willingness to implement safety and emergency procedures;
Positive references and recommendations;
Successfully pass a criminal background check.

Requires lifting up to 40 pounds and carrying up to 40 pounds.
Ability to execute appropriate safety and emergency procedures, including leading evacuations and providing basic first aid.


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Notre Dame Parish School
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Faithfully rooted in the wisdom and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and open to all, Notre Dame Parish School touches hearts and teaches minds of students in all facets of their discipleship of Jesus Christ.

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