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The purpose of this written job description is to provide clarity of the expectations All Souls Catholic Parish in Englewood has for the above-mentioned position and employee.

While not a complete list, the following are examples of duties associated with this position. Other related expectations, responsibilities, and tasks are required at times. You are expected to be adaptive and receptive to the varying requirements of this position.

This position has the first contact with people who either come into the office or call on the telephone. You must greet people in a way that makes them feel welcome.

Manage Phone: Answer phone, assist with their needs, transfer to appropriate party, take messages. Update voicemail/message on the phone and check recorded messages. Learn all the functions of the phone system.

Mass Intentions: Schedule in the liturgical desk calendar and the Mass Intentions book. If they give a stipend, collect $10 cash/check per Mass, provide a receipt, write the $10 in both the books next to the intention. Prepare a Mass card if they would like one. The blue cards are for living intentions, and the green card is for deceased intentions. Enter the Intentions onto the word document every Wednesday, then print one copy and put it on the altar. These mass intentions will be included in the weekly Flocknote email and the bulletin. Report the stipends to the Business manager every other Friday.

Communications: Manage the communication sources for the Parish. These sources consist of; Flocknote, weekly bulletin, website, social media, and mass announcements. Flocknote is an email communication tool that is sent out every Friday. The weekly bulletin is printed on Thursday every week for the weekend mass celebrations. Maintain the All Souls Parish website, social media, and print weekly mass announcements. Update the outdoor electric sign regularly.

Deliveries: Sign for any packages as needed. Notify the appropriate department of packages delivered. Break down boxes and put them in recycle bin or take to the dumpster. Keep the lobby free from clutter. Sort the incoming mail daily and ensure that the postal carrier picks up the outgoing mail.

Office Supplies: Unpack the packages of copy paper and stack on the shelf, reload the copier with paper. Keep the mail room organized and free from clutter. Check the postage meter for balance, let Theresa know if it is getting low. Empty and oil the large shredder. Keep a list of office supplies needed and give to the Business Manager.

Kitchen: Run the dishwasher, empty the dishwasher, clean the sink and counters. Make sure the coffee pot burners are turned off, empty leftover coffee and rinse out the pots. If you see we need to order more supplies, let the Business Manager know. Clean the refrigerator and microwave at least once per month.

ParishSoft Database: Process new registration forms. Send new family names to Denver Catholic, add to Flocknote, send welcome note, and inform ministry leaders & staff of potential volunteers. Update records for new family members, deceased parishioners, and families that have moved. Update on Denver Catholic by emailing the Archdiocese. Add sacraments to parishioner profiles.

Charity referrals: Food bank hours and location. Bring proof of residency and ID each visit. Rental assistance or some type of monetary assistance; ask for their address and look it up on If they are located within the boundaries, transfer to 2703. If they are outside of All Souls boundaries, give them the phone number for the conference closest to them.

Funerals: You are responsible for the initial intake information using the Funeral Planning Sheet. Please follow the Funeral Procedures form.

Security: Unlock the front door of the parish at 8:00am. Lock the door from 12:00pm until 1:00pm. At the end of the day, make sure all doors are locked and windows are closed.

Staff Meetings: Prepare and print readings for weekly staff meetings.

Other duties as assigned.

We prefer someone familiar with the Catholic faith. To view the Archdiocese of Denver’s Code of Conduct click here:

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