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THE POSITION: The Prayer and Action Missionary is entrusted with the job of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth of the Archdiocese of Denver through the programming set forth by Prayer and Action Denver. The Missionary will be leading middle and high school students in service projects throughout the community as well as leading the youth in prayer, all while maintaining a spirit of joy and, when appropriate, “silliness”. The Missionary will be asked to instruct youth towards knowledge and respect for God and neighbor. The Missionary will be in close contact with three other missionaries. Within this team setting, the Missionary will be asked to foster fruitful team dynamics, which will be displayed in open communication among the team and to their superiors, aiding in the growth of a life of prayer and Christian virtue among the missionaries, professional relationships with the parishes and faithfully and efficiently spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the participants of the Prayer and Action program. All of this will occur while maintaining appropriate boundaries in all relationships.

The results expected from a Prayer and Action Missionary is as follows. The Missionary is expected to present faithfully and in a relevant manner the teachings of the Catholic Church to the youth to whom they minister. They will lead the youth in service projects in order to live out the call to love our neighbors. They are also expected to facilitate games, and skits that will bring joy to the youth to whom they minister. They are also expected to receive a positive review from the youth and youth ministers to which they minister to. They are expected to aid in the spiritual and human formation of their fellow missionaries. Finally, they are expected to fulfill their duties in a spirit of joy and charity.


  • Spread the Joy of the Gospel while faithfully adhering to the programming set forth by Prayer and Action Denver;
  • Maintain open dialogue with the missionary’s superiors, amongst their team members and with the youth ministers present;
  • Act in accordance with Christian virtue when interacting with various parishes, families and individuals that the Missionary will meet throughout their summer working for Prayer and Action Denver;
  • Promote virtuous, prayerful and charitable living amongst the team that the missionary is working with;
  • Work respectfully with the parish at which the Prayer and Action program is being held;
  • Lead a youth in service projects to those in the community around the hosting parish during the day;
  • Lead an evening program for youth to grow deeper in a life of prayer;
  • Facilitate games, skits and songs for the youth;
  • Use proper discipline towards students so as to maintain a positive, attentive and respectful environment;
  • Properly handle all of the Prayer and Action resources that will be provided;
  • Attend an Orientation Training at the beginning of the summer program (date TBD).


  • High School Degree;


  • Show an ability to speak in public:
    • Especially about topics concerning the Faith, authentic Christian living and prayer (show competency in these areas);
  • Show an ability to perform skits in front of others;
  • Experience leading small group discussion;
  • Experience with youth within the grades of 6-12;
  • Experience working within groups;
  • Be a fully initiated Catholic in the communion of the Catholic Church and intentionally living out the five precepts of the Church (CCC 2041-2043);
  • Refrain from promotion or approval of, or the living out of, any conduct or lifestyle that would reflect discredit or disgrace on, or cause scandal in relationship to the Archdiocese of Denver, or considered to be in contradiction with Catholic doctrine or morals.



Missionaries will be expected to partake in the following physical activities:

  • Acting out Skits;
  • Participating in games involving actions of running and throwing:
    • None of the activities promoted by Prayer and Action Denver are hazardous in themselves
    • Recklessness on the part of the missionary during these games is discouraged and would increase the danger of the activities
  • Carrying heavy boxes (30-45 lbs.);
  • Prolonged time on one’s feet;
  • Travel around the host parishes to serve those in need.
    • Missionaries authorized to drive vehicles must possess a current valid United States driver license and possess an acceptable driving record;

Special Working Conditions are as follows:

  • Extensive time directing youth;
  • Living in classrooms at the hosting parish parish:
  • Eating meals provided by Prayer and Action or outside organizations.
  • Note: Food, housing and personal transportation may be supplied by the individual Missionary, but this will not be reimbursed by Prayer and Action Denver or any other associated entity;
  • The facilities in which the Prayer and Action will be running the program will vary based upon the parishes:
    • But, the working conditions will not be below the standard environment that is expected of by all Archdiocesan entities.

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