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Duties and Responsibilities:
Share the accompaniment duties for the liturgies with one other staff accompanist.
Accompany choirs/ensembles/cantors at Saturday/Sunday liturgies on a rotating basis.
Accompany choirs/ensembles/cantors at weekly rehearsals.
Availability to share the accompaniment responsibilities for additional liturgies, i.e. Holy Days of Obligation, Christmas, Triduum, Confirmation.
Assist with weddings and funerals as needed.
Participate in continuing education and professional development to continue to grow musical skills.
Understand, as a lay minister, that personal lifestyle should reflect the teachings of the Church.
Understand and implement parish and diocesan guidelines concerning safe environment and strict adherence to the parish safe environment program.

Position Qualifications:
Proficient in playing piano and keyboard and able to accompany choirs/ensembles/cantors and able to support congregational singing.
Flexibility with musical styles ranging from classical to contemporary.
Able to sight read a new score with a relative degree of proficiency.
Able to improvise.
Willingness to continue development of musical skills.
Active member of the Catholic Church.
Familiarity with the liturgical calendar and liturgical celebrations.

Working Conditions:
Nights, weekends, and holiday hours are required.

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