Faith-based organization, Voice of Refugees, assists new arrivals with refugee or asylum status

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The Voice of Refugees, a faith-based organization in Anaheim, California, is accepting newly arrived refugees with asylum status from the United States. This organization assists the refugees and teaches them the English language from beginning to advanced levels. 

Providing Assistance to Refugees thru VOR

The United States of America has a long history of providing asylum to people who are running away from persecution or conflict. 

During the time of the Trump administration, the number of refugees who entered the country dropped to an all-time low; nevertheless, President Biden had the opportunity to revive the bipartisan resettlement program.

According to California Immigrant Data Portal, California continues to be one of the states home to the highest number of refugees. During 2010-2020, approximately 10 percent of refugees who arrived in the United States settled in the state. 

Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles counties have been the most popular destinations for refugees in California in recent years, from 2017-2021.

Meanwhile, Voice of Refugees (VOR), established in Anaheim, is a nonprofit organization that helps people seeking asylum or shelter in the United States. VOR's volunteer Cheri Chan listened to the family's story while delivering food and household appliances to the home.

Every family's story is different from VOR's headquarters in Anaheim, California; many who have registered with VOR share their experiences of having to flee a dangerous circumstance or country with little time to pack.

According to Chan, many refugees have a high level of education and years of experience in fields such as medicine, engineering, and finance. 

However, she said that they require assistance and connections to understand how to navigate the workplace in the United States and how to connect with positions that are relevant to their backgrounds in the country.

According to The Epoch Times, when relocating to their new country, many newly arrived immigrants must not only begin their lives from scratch but also bear the emotional scars of being marginalized and discriminated against. 

The organization has branches all over Orange County and is in a unique position to help refugees and asylum-seekers from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran, and Afghanistan. 

No distinctions are made based on the refugees' religion or their background, and the organization provides its services to everyone.

Several Middle Eastern families were enrolled in English classes at the VOR headquarters, housed in the back of a light blue church building, with classes ranging from beginner to expert levels. 

Also, VOR Executive Director Chris Khoury was using Zoom to instruct students in Arabic.

The report also stated that Khoury is a refugee from Lebanon; his mother is Lebanese, and his father is Palestinian. He has first-hand experience working with refugees in the Middle East. Khoury, a Palestinian Christian, remembered that he had been discriminated against throughout his life.

Khoury found himself appealing to God for guidance over significant decisions that lay ahead for himself and his then-fiancée after being given a U.S. Visa after living in Lebanon for the previous 30 years.

After receiving assistance from VOR in their local resettlement, Khoury and his wife were married in the backyard of his pastor's home. He attributes his subsequent success to God. 

Khoury's background as a refugee and his work with humanitarian groups prepared him for his current position as the nonprofit's executive director, where he oversees eight staff who provide services to more than 1,200 refugees.

About Voice of Refugees

When it comes to helping refugee families start over in the United States, Voice of Refugees (VOR) has them covered. As stated on its website, they provide essential food for the family, English as a Second Language (ESL) education, paperwork support, employment mentoring, driving training, and academic tutoring. 

VOR provides enrichment experiences for children and teens and unique community events and celebrations. 

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