Infusion Church holds Vaccine Mandate Seminar

Image of person getting vaccinated. (Photo by FRANK MERIÑO from Pexels)

With the recent issues and concerns about vaccine mandate, particularly at the workplace, Infusion Church conducts a community service forum entitled - Vaccine Mandate Seminar. 

On Oct. 16, 2021, from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m, Infusion Church hosted the Vaccine Mandate Seminar.  

Vaccine Mandates

According to its webpage, the seminar included Free legal workshops with Constitutional Attorney Dean Broyles, RN (Ret.) and talk show host Kathleen Melonakos, and Dr. Stephen Guffanti, MD, Public Health Physician. 

The seminar aimed to discuss employees’ options and legal rights as regards the vaccine mandate. This event was also on

It was in July of this year that news about vaccine mandates among employees surfaced.

According to a report in Voice of San Diego, officials of San Diego County and San Diego City confirmed that mandates employees get COVID-19 or undergo regular testing are in the process.

Later, as reported by various news providers, San Diego City announced a new vaccine mandate for all new employees during the same month. 

Meanwhile, employees, including those working in government, show concern and post some issues regarding vaccine mandates.

In a KUSI News report Monday, some San Diego police officers oppose this newly implemented rule. 

About Atty. Dean Broyles

As per his webpage, Atty. Dean Boyles leads a team of professionals committed to addressing diverse legal needs with personal service. The team’s principle is – one client at a time. 

His team handles cases concerning business law, estate planning, medical malpractice, employment litigation, and personal injury. The team also works on cases involving real estate matters, religious liberties, and other practice areas.  

Bits About Dr. Stephen Guffanti

Public Health and Preventive Medicine

His profile shows that Dr. Guffanti is affiliated with Palomar Medical Center Escondido. Dr. Guffanti is a preventive medicine physician who practices his profession in Sarasota, Florida. 

He has been in practice for more than 20 years. 

About Infusion Church 

Infusion Church is a community of believers called to “glorify God,” as it leads people to and through a life-transforming relationship with Christ and His family. The church identity is summed as a gospel-centered church, missional church, and grace renewal church. 

Gospel-centered church 

It is a church that acknowledges and reveals Christ as the pinnacle of God’s work of redemption. Salvation is only possible by grace alone through faith alone. 

Missional Church 

The church is committed to its mission to serve like Jesus. It prays for, and shares love with the community to transform people and culture through the truth and love of Jesus.  

Grace Renewal Church 

Infusion Church is a grace renewal church that reveals new life and conversion for believers. The church believes that anyone can change through the Gospel. 

Its beliefs and commitment are summarized into three: the entire bible is the Gospel of Christ, the Gospel demands everyone to live in mission, and life and growth by grace through faith in the Gospel.

It is located at 777 W Felicita Ave., Escondido, CA 920205. All this information is from Infusion Church’s webpage.

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