Lighthouse Baptist Church gets hit by fallen tree

Lighthouse Baptist Church was struck by a falling tree due to strong winds on a Tuesday afternoon, March 14. (Photo by Martin Kníže from Unsplash)

On March 14, Tuesday, Lighthouse Baptist Church, a historic church in Pleasanton, was hit by a fallen tree.

The incident was captured on video by Brianna Armario using her cell phone. 

According to a report by the NBC Bay Area, Armario quickly ran to the Lighthouse Baptist Church to ensure that everyone was safe, which they were. 

Despite this, the incident has caused a stir in the community, with churchgoers visiting the site to inspect the extent of the damage.

God’s Protection Amidst Disaster

As the tree fell on the historic church, the pastor, Bill Bryon, and his wife, Carol Bryson, were on the opposite side of the building. 

Carol expressed her confusion over the incident, stating that she saw the debris and an opening in the sky, but did not understand what was happening. 

She said that it was difficult for her to comprehend the situation and even considered the possibility of it being a bomb, as she had never experienced anything like it before.

Upon closer inspection, Carol discovered that the fallen tree had hit the nursery of the church and immediately called her husband to come down. 

Meanwhile, Bill remarked that if the incident had happened on a Sunday when children usually attend the nursery, it would have been a much more tragic situation. 

He expressed gratitude that no one was hurt and acknowledged that the story would have been very different if it had occurred on a Sunday.

Bill confirmed that the main structure of the building, as well as the offices and school, were not impacted, and only the nursery wing suffered damage. 

He stated that the church has already contacted their insurance company, and a restoration company will soon board up the affected area. 

However, repairing the nursery may take up to a year. 

The incident at the church is not unique, as trees fell all over San Francisco during the same period, including one that collapsed from a neighbor's yard and damaged a fence.

High Winds Down Trees

According to CBS News, on Tuesday afternoon, strong winds caused trees to fall and power lines to be knocked down throughout the Bay Area. 

The outage was particularly severe in the South Bay and East Bay areas, leaving nearly 300,000 PG&E customers without power at its peak. 

Even by 6 p.m., the outages persisted and impacted more than 250,000 customers.

In Union City, several trees fell on a condominium complex, forcing residents to evacuate. 

The police in Walnut Creek advised people to stay away from the region between Elise Court and Scots Lane due to the high winds.

They also advised the public to steer clear of certain areas due to the aftermath of the high winds. 

Scots Lane between Elise Court and Green View Road was impassable due to trees obstructing the road.

Meanwhile, Homestead Avenue was closed from Marshall Drive to Holly Street because of fallen trees and power lines. 

In addition, the intersection of Huston Road and Camino Verde Street was blocked because of a large tree measuring between 75 and 100 feet that had collapsed on the road.


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