Peace Lutheran Church in Danville offers healing, wholeness to people who suffer from pain

People gathered to worship at Peace Lutheran Church in Danville. (Photo taken from the official website of Peace Lutheran Church)

Peace Lutheran Church in Danville, CA offers its Grace Healing ministry to people who suffer from pain and grief. 

Grace Healing

Peace Lutheran Church stated that the process of healing involves not just the bodies, but also the minds, spirits, and the communities in which they live. 

The process of healing guides people toward maturing into the people that God intends for people to be at every stage of their lives, from birth to death. 

According to the church's post, when people make themselves available to God, healing can take place. 

They believe that God's heart's desire is to heal people and make them whole. The act of healing is analogous to clearing off debris from a stream in order to see clearly through the water. 

Peace also stated that there is no correlation between how much faith people have and their ability to be healed. 

Grace Healing, on the other hand, enables everyone to have faith that God is constantly at work within them to bring about energy, happiness, and vigor.

As per the post, the person frequently experiences an increase in trust in God as well as newfound energy to love and serve those around them as a result of their treatment. 

Quite often, they discover that the thing or people who were the original cause of their pain and brokenness may be repurposed into a one-of-a-kind gift for them.

Healing Prayer

On most Sundays during Eucharist, visitors can find one or more of the 10 Peace members who make up Healing Prayer and who have completed Dr. Francis Geddes' "Developing our Healing Gifts" seminar. 

As stated in a post, through prayer for healing, they can experience God's comfort and wholeness. After receiving communion, anyone can go to the healing prayer member and pray at the prayer station. 

They will be asked if there is anything they would like prayed for or if there is anything they would like blessed.

The person who prays with them has been educated on the subject of secrecy and has made a commitment to maintaining it. 

Meanwhile, Peace Lutheran Church prays for the mystery of God's healing energy together with the sick and injured, and they pray for the healing of others. 

Concerns and issues of the visitors will not be communicated to the other participants of the Healing Prayer group. They also have the option of having a direct conversation with Pr. Steve if they are interested in receiving additional support and prayers for healing. 

About Peace Lutheran Church

In Danville, California, the congregation of Peace Lutheran Church encourages people to engage in spiritual inquiry, provides pastoral care, engages in modern prophetic battles, and equips friends with experiences of wisdom, compassion, and joy. 

As a part of their celebration of creativity and thoughtfulness in community life and worship, they place a high priority on both their Christian traditions and communication with partners of other faiths.

According to its website, the worship services at Peace Lutheran Church are engaging and inspiring, which encourages spiritual development. 

They encourage gospel participation on the topic of contemporary challenges and demonstrate forward-thinking in doing so. 

They are strong proponents of interfaith cooperation, celebrate the arts and raise awareness about environmental issues, and encourage contemplative prayer through the use of their peace mosaic and labyrinth. 

Additionally, they offer educational opportunities for spiritual growth and provide thought-provoking reflection for living a life that is filled with grace on a personal and community level.

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